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Part 175: Zyla: Update 13

Mid/Late Summer

Morale at the fortress has been extremely high following the crushing of the latest spawn horde. They almost seem to be becoming less of a threat these days.

The humans left, way too unsettled by the carnage and their losses to make any kind of trading possible.

The exterminatus order being issued, the miners finished digging tunnels to the troglodytes and the champions were summoned to ensure a clean operation.

"its all clear kid, now blow that thing and let's go home!"

The first troglodyte immediately craps its pants at the entrance of heavily armored and angry champions.

Tehsid's first attack...hurts

Pumpinglemma and Caleros charge inside to the alcove to fully engage their enemy.

Somehow, this troglodyte was still alive when this image was taken.

Fleeing in terror, one of the trogs manages to sneak by the champions, no doubt blinded by the rain of viscera that cascades all over the chasm. He appears to have spotted one of the miners digging a tunnel to another group of troglodytes.

Can tehsid get there in time?