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Part 176: Zyla: Update 14

Summer, continued, 148

Yes. And the miner finishes his tunnel to the second killzone.

The slaughter ends at killzone alpha.

Killzone Beta, has just begun. Things start with a trog sent into orbit by tehsid.

Killzone Gamma...

goes about as well as you'd imagine.

Welcome to Syrupleaf, hope you like miasma!

I think the engravers are getting a little haughty now...

Slaan apparently picked something up that was a bit too heavy for him, and became a bloody smear on the pavement. The dwarves whisked his corpse to a coffin before anyone could figure out what had happened. Very suspicious, if you ask me.

Again the dwarves are cowardly, and decide not to swell their ranks at this thriving land.

The pantheon again sends some divine inspiration to help draw the dwarves here. But for what purpose?