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Part 177: Zyla: Update 15


The presence of the third wave of the spawn siege from earlier this year continues to unsettle the dwarves and to drain the power of the land somehow. The dwarves feel sluggish having to be anxious about them somehow breaking from their panic.

Tehsid, complaining that he hasn't killed anything in like 10 minutes, organizes his squad to go take care of the problem.

The regular trio, now hardened and full of team spirit charges. (Caleros, Pumpinglemma and tehsid)


Back to the action...

Caleros opens by smashing the toes off of one of the spawn, a clever move.

The other two champions close on the spawn and the melee begins in earnest. It would seem that the spawn's superior numbers would give them the upperhand...

But then pumpinglemma catches all of one and hammers the thing into the wall of the Ziggurat, gibbing it.

Second verse, same as the first, but a whole lot harder and a whole lot worse...Tehsid refuses to be shown up, ever.

Splat. pumpinglemma throws up because of the sun and the mist of spawnblood now thickening the air.

Since this fight is clearly over, tehsid once again decides to show off. He plants his leg and puts everything into his next swing, which lifts the spawn off its legs and...


it goes, falling about thirty feet down into the cleft of a mined out cliff after gravity decides to take over again.

At the end... the champions revel in slaughter.

Chance II wrote :-

Well for now here is the latest copy of DF Pocket Monsters: Gotta Maim Them All!

And Tehsid showing off.

"Now thats how you do it kid. Its all inna wrist."

Burgomaster wrote :-

A while back someone mentioned Dwarf Prosthetics. voilà,

And also, the purging of the heretics,

Burgomaster wrote :-

Syrupleaf has gone unwashed for too long,

Burgomaster wrote :-

Green Intern posted:

Ok, this is scarier than the Spawn artwork hands down. And right before I go to bed, too. GEE. THANKS.

Speaking of the devil and he doth appear