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Part 178: Zyla: Update 16

End of Summer/Autumn, 148

A fishing industry area is being constructed over the lake of fish that is now teeming below the surface of this ice.

Unable to find the proper materials to realize his dream, Piratedentist now has fallen into a deep depression from which he may never recover.

He wanders, milling around the fortress, refusing food and water.

Praise the makers, the caravan from the mountainhomes has arrived!

A kobold thief wanted in on the action, and he found himself flying away from the fortress, from the #1 catapult, tehsid.


A foolish miner dug through one of Heliturtle's engravings to create a new bridge, not realizing what a shock this would be to the poor man.

He was so heartbroken, he did nothing to try to survive. The pantheon is amazed at both the prowess of these dwarves, and the incredibly short fuses they have when something they love is destroyed.

The greed of the dwarven caravan for the adamantite is astounding. They traded their entire caravan for 3 poorly made mechanisms.

The fishing area is now finished and awaiting a magma flow two levels down to melt the entire designated area. Here, MysticalHaberdasher decides to take his new fishing pole out for a test drive.

Construction has begun on the pumps and tower that will constitute project  GLACIERASOR 

Lesno finally decides to meet with Bobthethurd to go over our trade arrangements, a full season after his caravan left.

Explosive rock is placed at the fault lines for  GLACIERASOR 

Machinery continues to be installed...

Most of the explosive charges are set, and await an ignition source.

Congratulations to the newest member of the fortress, Mr. Peepers

More work finished...

Phase one of  GLACIERASOR  is complete:

A side note: these dwarves seemingly cannot handle the sunlight, and vomitted all over the landscape repeatedly while building this.

After a month and a half of wandering in a daze, PirateDentist succumbs

Some of these dwarves are terrible at construction and one nearly killed himself. When I checked to see who had fell, I had to laugh at the name:

More inspiration from the pantheon:

And the winter colds come in to end the season...