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Part 180: Zyla: Update 18

Siege Two, 248

The spawn have come again, this time in far, far greater numbers.

From the northeast:

From the northwest:

From the south:

A partial listing (about 20 more spawned after this list!)

The spawn from the south charge the statues again! But they do not decide to destroy any of them. They seem to be learning better tactics for this siege. Gentlemen, our enemy is becoming more cunning!

A second wave spawned after our scouts accounted for the first one in the Northwest. Trickery!



This is a horribly constructed megaweapon. All Craftsoverseership is of the lowest quality. It is decorated with obsidian, lignite and ice. There is an image of an overseer. The overseer is crying. The object menaces with spikes of disbelief, regret, and shame. There is an image of Holistic Detective. Holistic Detective is laughing.

The magma melted the hatch off the lava pump...It fell, with one unit of magma, igniting the first block of lignite, which ignited, and melted the top of the ice, which put it out, and the hatch fell on the second lignite piece, extinguishing the flame.