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Part 19: 64bitrobot: Update 4

Might as well make this update while I wait for something to happen. Also, sorry this may take me a while, my laptop can barely handle it. Oh well though, I should still be able to finish in time, I have nothing to do tomorrow but play basically.

15th Granite

Seriously? The guy is already legendary

16th Granite
I decided to interview some random dwarves on what they thought about the


A weaver

A stoneworker

And an animal trainer

17th granite
Our well is filling nicely.

20th Granite
Spawn are still outside. They can't get in, that's good. We've got farms now.

Really a boring position. Not much to do...I want to do something about all
these cluttered workshops, but that will take care of itself in time, there's
far to much hauling to do.

Stop expanding. Clean up this mess of a fortress that we have right now! Bins
would help, but we're low on wood. Make some steel bins, we have lots of

23rd Granite
Errg, um...go build some tables in chairs in the dining room

25th Granite
Plump Helmets! The crops have arrived! Start brewing!

9th Slate
Why are they still out there...

11th Slate
3 Puppies were born. Into the cage they go.

18th Slate
We shall be renown for our great silk products.

20th Slate

At least we have shells.

This works I guess, he's already a grand-master weaver.

And he goes next door to get some cloth (That he probably made)

And then down to the metalsmithing area to get some gold bars.

This is probably going to be a damn fine pair of clothes.

22nd Slate
After Koorish grabbed those gold bars I heard he apperntly got some iron bars.

And after that? Surprise surprise. A shell.

I'm so glad this went off without any problems.

Aside: It's funny enough that I made refrences to the shells before, I've also
been keeping my eye on Koorish because he's made some masterwork silk. I never
expected that a dwarf I was paying attention too would be one to make an

25th Slate
Koorish is done with his project!

Merrangimush, "The Languishing Dike", a pair of trousers.

I don't really do much. I walk around and yell orders. This place 'works', but
it doesn't work really well. There's a lot of backlog. This may be a good year,
I feel good about it, but I can't take credit. Luckily when I arrived there
were already farms, which means we can survive for quite a while...well enough
of this, back to overseeing.
We're out of booze. This could be bad.

Aside: If I'm not mistaken, legendary is a step up from grand-master, right?
Our grand-master weaver became a master weaver via artifact...I was hoping that
clothes making and weaving cloth were seprate, but they arn't

Whew. Long update again. This is more work then I first expected I think. But it's fun.

Also...a count of masterworks since I've been in power.
Masterpiece Count
Gerblyn 40
Skaw 2
Koorisch 4

Kithrixx wrote :-

Click here for the full 600x600 image.

Fanarts of the Holisticspawn flavor

Also, requesting immediate dorfing

Skullbuggy wrote :-

Entry - 20 Gran., Third Year

Good Lord, the spawn have been roaring at us from outside for what seems like a week now. I keep hearing them banging against my walls every so often, screaming for meat. You know, if I had any meat at all, I'd be a happy dwarf... though all they've sent my way is the stuff the pickier dwarves have nibbled at. Gross.

You know, I honestly thought being a bookkeeper would have been a more exciting job. I guess it's not as cool as I thought.

And I still don't have a goddamn bookshelf.

- S. Mengigam, Bookkeeper

Entry - 25 Gran., Third Year

So we learned how to cultivate cave fungus. Whoop-de-shit. Not getting me a damn office any time soon.

In other news, I read up on some of my books I've got around here. "Seven Habits of Highly Effective Dwarves", "One Flew Over the Cave Swallow's Nest", "Kama Sutra for the Dwarven Co

Wh- who put that in there?

- S. Mengigam, Bookkeeper

Entry - 20 Slate, Third Year

Koorisch has been acting a bit weird today. He's been grabbing as many spider webs as he can and he's been holing himself in his little nook and just going to town on the stuff. I've got no damn idea
why, but I suspect it's one of those weird artist things.

- S. Mengigam, Bookkeeper

Entry - 25 Slate, Third Year

Koorisch was making pants. Gold pants. Spiked gold pants. With a picture of a boot on them.

I'll never get artists. And apparently I'll never get a GODDAMN OFFICE COME THE FUCK ON

- S. Mengigam, Bookkeeper