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Part 198: MortuusLupus: Prologue 2

nippythefish posted:

wait...aren't you a newborn baby girl?

Yeah, working that in

"Do you recall the incident earlier this year concerning a failed ice melting device?" the man asked. A glint of light revealed he too was wearing the dark lensed glasses.

"Yes sir, um, h-he was trying to use the slowburn technique to fashion a sort of moat around the fortress I think."

"Not a moat, young man. From our...liason in the forress we were informed that the device was an attempt to melt the entire ice floe. The ruler there called it a "Glacierasor" I believe. Our man was able to sabotage the device but unfortunately...did you perhaps see the newest engraving along the wall as you arrived?"

"Y-yes, do you mean Silentio Boborachi? The likeness is uncanny!"

"Yes, it is, isn't it? We do our best to capture the essence of our agents when they fall, and bring them back here. Metaphorically speaking, of course." The dwarf with the glases smiled eerily. "This all brings us to you. You displayed a certain mechanical aptitude when you were brought in to the Corproration, one that was not overlooked. There are things that need to be done in Udibgovos. In Syrupleaf. We believe that you are the best man for the task at hand. Please, take this to the sublevel 7 Dwarven Resources department, you will be dispatched immediately. Do not worry about packing, you will have everything you require when you arrive."

The man handed the tech what appeared to be a small button engraved with the Parasol logo.

"The trip should take about nine months, if all goes well. And MortuusLupus," the dwarf called as the door began to close behind him, "there will be a pair of glasses waiting for you when you arrive."

The tech thought he heard the cackle of sinister laughter from behind the door as he made his way down the hall