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Part 20: 64bitrobot: Update 5

I've had some rapid fire updates today. But that's just because I've really had a chance to play.

Also sorry, this is an image light update.
Masterpiece Count (Approx)
Gerblyn 92
Skaw 2
Koorisch 24

7th Felsite
The days drag on by. Although while I wasn't paying attention, TheWhiteCrane
became a Jeweler. I'm not sure what he was before. But I think he might have
been a useless peasent. Congradulations on becoming slightly less useless!

8th Felsite
Our butcher wasn't doing much, so I decided to have him try some brewing. We've
got lots of plump helmets now.

11th Felsite
Not much to do...although. I'm going going to be here forever. And I need to do
something useful I think. Alright miners! Start digging that tunnel out.
I'm not going to be here forever, and I'd prefer a jail to a hammerer any day.
We're going to get one evetnually, so I may as well make sure prisnors get
treated well.

14th Felsite
The good news is we have drinks. The bad news is we still don't really have
that great food.

19th Felsite
I saw a batman in the caves behind us. I had some of our millitary dwarves take it out. You couldn't even call it a battle. It was over before it started.

22nd Felsite
The hoardmaster seemed quite bored now that he's finished all the records. So I decided to send him on engraving duty.

Besides, now I can make his office while he's gone. There's really no offices around here. How can anyone be expected to get anything done?

9th Hematite
Merchants! Merchants! The seige is over! Finally! Down with that wall. Up with a depot! Quickly now!

14th Hematite
The merchants asked what we would like for next year. I mostly replied. "Wood and food"

17th Hematite
Puppies! In the cage you go.

20th Hematite
Finally got the Depot up, the merchants are unloading their goods.

And I have a plan. A great plan.
By Armok! Everyone is puking! This is digusting! We need some skylights I think.

25th Hematite
Finally we could trade!


3rd Malachite
The export agreement...I figure someone might want to look at it.

10th Malachite
Constuction on my project is going slow. This bodes ill for my second project.

4th Galena

...Another one? Well I won't complain, except for the lack of legendary

Err, crap. We don't have any gems right now. This might be bad, quick. Go mine some!

Nevermind, looks like we had some.

Looks like we need some more. Mine! Mine!

8th Galena

Had to dig out some crystals, but at least we're not going to have an insane

12th Galena
TheWhiteCrane is done.

I know exactly where to put this

18th Galena
I've discovered many things. Mainly I won't be able to make a great pointless
monument...but I can make the entrence to our fortress as amazing as possible.

Whew, that's all I can handle for today. I'm putting a lot of effort into making the new entrance great. I'm just sad I won't be able to give it a lava moat.