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Part 210: MortuusLupus: Update 11

It's been three weeks since The Caging. I still remember every moment of that event.

The support column was destroyed right on cue, sending several tons of stone slabs crashing down into the containment chamber. If there was one flaw in my design it's that the cave in was simply TOO powerful, and unfortunately too close to the door. The guards stationed there were intended to protect the workers transporting the caged beasts. Unfortunately, not all the spawn were incapacitated.

For the fourteen contained, four were far enough away from the blast that they were able to remain standing, and when the dust finally cleared, they made a lunge for the door. Rodbeard was the first to charge into the room, leaping onto the spawn before they had a chance to react. His fury was matched only by the nausea his compatriots felt as they entered the sunlit room.

While markus and countrymatters stood there retching all over the floor, rodbeard began his brutal work. His rather...unimpressive brutal work.

He spent an entire ten minutes having a slapfight with the spawn before Markus and CountryMatters stepped in, killing one and two of the remaining spawn each.

An additional discovery was made concerning the intelligence of these creatures. While the fourteen of them never discovered that they could probably lift each other up and climb out of their pit, the final uncaged spawn must have understood the significance of what had transpired and, rather than engaging in combat, made a hasty retreat.

The three combatants gave chase, and I ordered all doors out of the fortress sealed. If this one were to warn the others of his kind of what had happened, they may train to resist its effects. we may not have another opportunity to replenish our specimens.

The path of the enraged creature was easy to follow, one must simply head towards the shrieks of terror as the commoners dropped what they were doing and fled at the sight of the spawn.

This is what divides the commoner from a noble. When brave BobTheThurd was called upon to defeat the dragon, he did so without question, and his bravery alone fell the mighty beast. Which reminds me, actually, I should add that dragon's skeleton to the University's collection once the display area is complete.

I must commend one of the warriors in particular for his bravery and tenacity. While the other two slowed and gave up the chase, young Markus continued his pursuit to the very end.

But the creature proved to be too swift, and escaped. I've drawn up a revision to the concussor which I hope will be more effective, and should avoid damaging the containment doors. With luck, the new design should catch the spawn off guard should they prove foolish enough to challenge me once again.

Additionally, the second device was still in its design stage during the spawn siege, and it will not be expected. For now though, it is a time for revelry. We have capture ten of these ferocious beasts, and I expect there will be a great many things we can learn from them.

Today is my new birthday, and I have finally gained mastery over my full range of motion once more! As a gift to myself, I have commissioned my own room and study in the west wing of the University's upper level. A full suite of golden, electrum, and platinum furniture has been commissioned for me, a suitable display of my own worth to this fortress indeed. Annoyingly, the current legal framework prohibits me from actually taking ownership of my bedroom. Should anyone dare to sleep in by bed, next to MY weapon rack...well, let's just say, every spawn trap needs bait.

Oh, also today, some peasant popped out a baby.

Additionally, I've been informed that the Motivation that was jailed is no longer acting strange, and is instead insane. Apparantly he really wanted to continue construction of the second device and when realization finally dawned on him that he would be unable to, his mind gave up. I cannot blame him, as my designs are truely wonders to behold. It is a shame that it would take too long to put this one in a cage. His sudden mood swings would be quite useful to the field of psychology.


As Anticheese left my office, I began reviewing progress on the secondary device. All mechanical components, save the power source, have been constructed and hooked up. All that is required now is to calibrate the mechanisms. The pumps shall have to be run manually for a short time. A simple process, pump operation. As Mother always said, education's not for everyone, the world needs pump operators, too.

Before I can give the orders, however, alarm bells ring out through the halls.

It seems our good friends the spawn have returned, seeking to rescue their companions. Sadly, they shall have to wait. The devices are not yet ready. I have commanded the fortress be resealed for the time being, until preparations are complete.


I look up from my work as Accursed slams the door open and runs toward me, arms outstretched.

"Mother! For the hundredth time, I do not need you coddling me. I am more than capable of taking care of myself. And can't you knock? I am doing important work here!"

"OH SWEET BABY MOMMY JUST NEEDS TO SEE oooooooooooohh...this are quite the office you have here. Baby Gex and I haven't seen such finery for someone so...untitled..." she said, visibily uncomfortable with the splendor of my workspace.

"I am Provost of the University, Mother. A title I have earned."

"Yes, yes, I have heard. We've got a birthday present for you, my little noble. I know you like science so much, so I've requested some glass vials be constructed for you. Maybe you can make some science...thing..."

Her gift has given me pause. Such an alchemical station would make this University a force to be reckoned with on the academic stage. "Mother, this gift...thank you."

"You're welcome, dear. Mommy's so proud of you! If you don't get your glassware soon, have Tarezax go talk some sense into the crafters."


I shall have to consider her advice. I do so want those vials...


Today has brought good news to a great many people. First and most importantly, my device has been completed. Calibrations have been made, and the final controls are being connected. The golden bridges are also being rebuilt, as the catcher's improved concussive device has been assembled as well.

But even more importantly, my quarters have finally been fully furnished! Work on my accomodations did not go as smoothly as it should have, however.

I understand the call of inspiration can be overwhelming, but it does not supercede ones duty to one's superiors. I trust this dereliction of duty shall not occur again.

Such splendor is fitting for one of my position, and so to aid in its, and my, safekeeping, I have promoted our newest Champion to Honored citizen status and have assigned him to be my personal guard.

He shall continue training, but should the fortress come under assault he is to report to me immediately. Should I fall, the fortress will lose its most valuable asset, and likely succumb to the madness from which I was barely able to pull it.

There is good news for another of our honorable bretheren as well. Seeing as it has now been nearly two months since mother's gift was requested and the vials have yet to arrive, I have taken her advice and temporarily released Tarezax the fortress' disciplinarian from his house arrest. I expect results shortly.

Work on the university dormitories has continued as well. Mayor bob is still working on the legal issues which prevent me not only from claiming my bedchambers, but also the students from their dorm rooms.

I must say, my eyes have been opened since I was forced here. Where I saw corruption there was only the deserved splendor of those who are better. The authority of this place brought order, and punished those who would instill chaos. I still fight for the people, but my rule has has shown me the truth.

It's good to be the king.