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Part 213: Tosanu: Update 1

Syrupleaf. I know it better than anyone thinks, and I know what it needs. For the longest time, I have been ignored, despite my wisdom, my knowledge in how the fort should be run. But no longer.

A memo is found posted to the board in the large dining room.

"You may not know my name, but I am the new overseer, Tosanu. Don't worry, I have a plan. A plan to once again make this fortress great. But first, I require some work done."

"I would like a private residence set up near the concert hall, as well as a special booth cut above it. These rooms shall be locked, and the keys will be left where only I may reach them. This fortress has survived hardship after hardship. Now, we shall make it great."

As the work begins, another message is posted to the noble quarters. "I will not take action against you, for you are part of this fort as much as any other dwarf. But I will not have good dwarfs constantly killed for your insane requests. Therefore, consider this a warning.

"Some friends to keep you company. Don't worry. No harm will come to you, unless you continue your shameful actions. Only I know where the trigger lever is."

I make a note to thank Tarezax. He was very prompt in following the message that he received, asking for Tosanu's pet kitten to be brought to the bedroom of the overseer. Along with an unused mole, for protection. The image of the dreaded hammerer of the fortress carrying a sweet little cat through certainly caused some laughs.

Its funny. Even though no one knows who you are, and in fact never sees you, just follow the procedures and every dwarf falls into line. This fortress will run smoothly and never understand who it is that leads them, that knows all the pieces of the fortress and its people without anyone remembering ever meeting them. And they wont find out... After all...

I'm not telling.

OOC: The post is a b it sparse because I'm still setting things up. But i wanted to give the direction the fortress is about to take, so everyone can have an idea what to expect. More to come soon.