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Part 215: Tosanu: Update 3

Some of the dwarves seem suspicious. I haven't issued any orders in over a week, and as i walk with a friend, I consider my options. The beautiful thing is? Most of the cats here are so messy that all I have to do is roll in the dirt and various puddles and noone recognizes the clean pet kitten kept in the dark office.

So I decided to carve. A message for the times, that the world will know that if only for one moment, a wiser rule existed. The words of power, known to all cat kind.

I am pleased to see that the nobles in the fortress have so far taken my warnings to heart. They are concerning themselves only with a back and forth war of pricing, changing the costs of little trinkets and toys. But Litast (mmmm, tasty tasty bats) help them if they mess with the cost of string.

T800, the only jeweler in the fortress, has gone into a possessed trance. I shall keep an eye on him.

The dwarves have yet to realize. Their unseen overseer is watching EVERYONE.

ooc: If its not too much to ask, id like some volunteers for people to give the run around in the storyline. The role will not require anything except some sort of journalistic indication of confusion and/or suspicion about the new overseer. This will not make you a target for attack.