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Part 217: Tosanu: Update 5

I follow Spoonboy, and I worry that he looks back, he seems to know what I am up to.

Gex grows to a greater size, as does Milesvortigan. They take up more space when they're older.

Suddenly, the humans attack us!

The humans are in great number, and only one soldier prepared to fight.

Fortunately, the humans seem to be confused, and mill about aimlessly way out on the glacier.

Eiba organizes a "Humans are dumb and have no sense of direction" party. Such needless waste of energy. What if they had to catch mice? Would they spend all their time playing around?

Bobthethurd is relected mayor. There were a lot of.....write in...votes. He's useful, keeps everyone complacent.

The humans have arrived. The moles are shot apart, trapped on their small island.

This appears to have satisfied the humans. While they have yet to completely leave, their numbers have dropped, and theyve moved away from the fortress. My guess? Some sort of human Mole Crusade.

MY theory is dashed when a second contingent comes. When i realize my two able soldiers have gone to sleep, i close the gates, irritated at the necessity.

To make things worse, T800's possession has apparently gone sour, and hes gone beserk! He is immediatly killed.

OOC: Seriously, this is weird siege behavior. All the bowmen are gone, thank Litast, but my 'army' consists of two healthy champions and two severely hurt ones. (When did Oni Elm get half his body smashed? Its moderate wounds, but a LOT of them). So I'm stuck turtling now, because it would be suicide. We're also short on dwarves for more military. This one's making me worried.

Chance II wrote :-

Well my brakes just went out on the way home so I almost got Royal W-ed trying to bring this little bundle of bureaucratic cuteness to all of you!

Tarezax wrote :-

The Journal of Tarezax Raysarmors the Outrageous Tress of Emancipation (heretofore shortened to "ROTE"), Disciplinarian of Syrupleaf and Devotee of the Order of Song:

Of late I have become the favored instrument of the fortress's new overseer. He sends his orders through messages written on quarry bush paper, and I relay them to the workers of the fortress, on pain of hammering.

It's very effective.

This new overseer never shows his face, though. Whenever I answer his summons the office is always empty, with a fresh note on the desk. Sometimes his kitten is on the desk, pawing at the lignite pencils. Cats... cats are not my favorite animal. Sure, they're fluffy and cuddly, but they're so aloof and distant, and their "singing" is atrocious. The rumbling echo in the deeps is nothing compared to the screeching and caterwauling of Syrupleaf's toms.

Speaking of screeching, the humans are laying siege to the fortress. Apparently they didn't take too kindly to the massive loss of goods incurred when the Spawn destroyed the last caravan. Every now and then they halt to shout abuse and insults and sing raunchy songs. It's really quite annoying, especially since about half of them can't carry a tune to save their lives.

All this noise is giving me a headache. I need some fresh air. Maybe I'll go pull the lever on the memorial tower a few times after the next order goes out. Perhaps seeing a giant metallic finger taunting them from the top of the fortress will stop the humans' infernal racket.