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Part 218: Tosanu: Update 6

OOC: Actually, i tested our men's mettle against the humans, just once, to see what happens. Half the humans in number, and our two champions are torn apart in seconds. That test is revoked, and behind the walls we sit...for now....

It may interest some to note that the number of moles remaining in the fortress are less than 20.

Eiba spends much of his time in the large dining room. Some of the remaining moles appear to have gathered to him. He gave me a weird look when i prowled by. Odd, that.

Spoonboy appears to be carrying the leg of T800 around. I'd guess he was burying it, but he is immediatly distracted by Kaveman managing to stay conscious enough to organize a party.(Theres something cosmically funny about watching a dwarf carry around a mangled body part, and less than 30 squares from the graveyard, chuck it and run towards the party.)

Why the poor dumb kit insists on throwing these parties he cant enjoy? I don't know.

The countess had a litter today. Only one offspring? Inferior...... For some reason, the little girl has been named SirPenguin.

OOC: I found this unexpected wandering of dwarves together, and it fit too well to not put into the plot. Anyone who feels they are misrepresented here, please speak up, and ill adjust it.

Eiba calls together several of the other nobles to a meeting. FebrezeNinja is there on behalf of Accursed, recovering from the birth. Mortalsword arrives, curious, and Tarezak, noone argues with him being around. A few remaining moles stays with Eiba. Several seem to hang around him at all times nowadays.

"Something is strange with the fortress," Eiba starts.
"Oh, is it the rabble carrying around body parts?" Asks the Hammerer.
"No, thats standard. Its the overseer. something isn't right. I spoke to Spoonboy recently. He feels suspicious too. Whoever this Tosanu is, why haven't we met him before? Not a single dwarf can say with certainty to have run into him, but those notes seem to be everywhere. We don't even see them put up."
"So?" Mortalsword seems uninterested. "After all, if an overseer is present, and a message is given, does anyone have to be seen?"
"......Your little proverbs arent very good, sword."

The silence is b roken by Kaveman, in the room, falling unconscious again.

Eiba clears his throat. "It's clear that there is only one known factor to this overseer. His pet cat. Therefore........ we must kidnap that cat, and force him to come forth!"