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Part 219: Tosanu: Update 7

I discovered a plot against me, and knew that I had to take action.

First, i made things harder on the conspirators. They thought that itd be easy to find one cat? Lets let a bunch out of the cages to make things more chaotic!

Speaking to the cats at large, many of them agreed that they had been passive for too long. I'm a little suprised they agreed so readily. I'm young, after all, and we are a proud and independant people, unlike those whiny, clingy beards. I suspect boredom. After all, there is very little to do in these areas, no good vermin to hunt and kill.

OOC: as i continue this turn, is anyone there that is willing to give me some idea of what the plotters ive picked may do against this new militarization of the felines?