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Part 221: Tosanu: Update 9

Edit: addressed to markus

You recovered from that wound bloody fast, kid. But this time, you kinda glitched. You were standing there, with a RED lower left leg, unable to move, but soldiering all the same. No matter what I did, I couldnt get anyone to take you to a bed. Finally, in desperation, I put one out there and it worked. So now, Markus, you are recovering from a horribly nasty leg a bed in the trade depot. I hope you have warm blankets!

MortuusLupus wrote :-

Official Request of Release of Resources by the Provost of Syrupleaf University
Requestee:  MortuusLupus
Concerning: Spawn of Holistic research specimin

Reason for request:  Theory of Spontaneous Regeneration Through Focus of Intense Rage

Hypothesis: Champions who routinely engage in mortal combat appear to heal more quickly.

Supporting Data:  

a) Markus Cz, Supreme Champion of Syrupleaf.  After fighting in two Spawn sieges, Markus was completely
unscathed.  Similarly, his battle with the Manticore saw him victorious and uninjured.  It was not 
until after fighting a much weaker group of Humans that he sustained injury, and was able to regenerate 
his damaged elbow within a day.  Currently he is suffering from a severe wound to the leg.

b) Markus is currently residing in a bed to rest and recover

c) Soldiers resting in beds do not appear to ever recover.  See: Oni Elem.

Planned Usage of Resources:

I wish to place the injured Markus and a caged Spawn in close proximity.  Markus appears to be 
particulary enraged by these creatures, and it is possible that simply being near one will stimulate 
his subconcious into repairing his damaged limb.

Should proximity fail to be sufficient, I recommend releasing the Spawn in an enclosed space with 
Markus who would likely enter into a martial trance.  The release of various neurochemicals into his 
bloodstream should stimulate the healing process.

Should the martial trance fail to regenerate the limb, the severe wounds should make acquiring a blood 
sample a simple task.  I can then use this sample to test against one taken from SewerMancer during his 
possessed mood.

Additional Requests:

I would also like to perform some experiments on samples of the recent feline population boom.  It 
would appear that they are moving with a more coordinated, almost intelligent direction.  It is my 
belief that the climatehere has affected their brain patterns, and I would like to test their 
intelligence in a variety of high-temperature experiments.

I will also require exclusive use of the incinerator shaft for these experiments.

Requested this day, the 4th of Felsite, 150 by Researcher MortuusLupus

markus_cz wrote :-

IceDrake has no friends? Eh, what the hell, I'll just pick a random guy...


Dear captain Nippy the Fish,

my name is Markus Cz. Clasplashes and I am 18 yea a champion of Syrupleaf. I know we're just passing acquaintances and didn't have an opportunity to get to know each other better, and I'm sorry I inquire about such a personal topic, but this is a matter of life and death...

Do you love my mother?

Little Kaveman tells me you've spend some time with her lately, even "pinched her buttocks", and believe me, the lad has his eyes everywhere. If that is true then please run like hell and never come back. You see, I have come to believe my mother is cursed.

Remember mr. Sirroco? He was our overseer who built the gazebo. Some time ago I introduces him to my mother, and he died a few years after, torn apart by spawn.

How about mr. Skullbugy? The lean, bookish noble type? He had an affair with my mother long, long time ago. Later, he was to became the only person who was sacrificed at the pyramid. To stop the spawn.

It's impossible not to remember mr. Screaming Idiot. He was wise, wasn't interested in meeting my mother, but in the years of my apprenticeship that was unavoidable. You know what happened: torn apart by the spawn.

I used to have an older brother, Leperfish, but he barely lived to adulthood. The spawn got him. Poor boy, he never got to be a sword. My father I never got to know, but now I think I already know what happened to him.

As you know, my mother works as a bone carver. She is the overseer of carvers now, but it wasn't always like it. She used to have two bosses, both legendary bone carvers and both proficient musicians - mr. Manuel Calavera and mrs. OrangeSoda. Those were the days when crowds of people streamed into the concert hall and everyone was happy. Not any more, the band was dissolved by the spawn.

You're seeing the pattern here?

The only one who downright refused to be introduced to my mother was mr. Chance II. I asked him to come, he did not, and now he is living happily as a rich, fat noble guard.

Oh and myself. But considering I'm writing this letter on a hospital bed, with a leg mangled by the spawn and only a freshly healed arm, I'm sure the curse is already breathing down my neck.

So please, forget about my mother and live happily every after.


Markus Cz. Clasplashes