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Part 230: Pozzo: Update 5


Immediately, the northern group of spawn runs straight for the Elven caravan still entering our grounds from our eastern borders. The south and southwestern groups both make a beeline towards the bonehoard/entry. Chance II and Dragon Jones are sparring in the barracks and Fable is nearby collecting bones again.

One lone spawn breaches the entrance first and heads straight for Dragon & Chance, Fable has wisely made herself scarce. Dragon Jones yawns and decides she's tired of sparring and wanders off into the fortress leaving Chance to face the coming spawn alone. He is game and steps forward to ready himself. The spawn jumps through the air at chance and is smacked heavily into the ground by Chance's...crossbow?

The spawn lands on its left side and its leg and arm are broken, while two more spawn are coming up on Chance fast.

The first spawn vomits on itself, as its two comrades clamber over it to get at Chance. Chance bashes the first spawn into the air and sweeps his crossbow around into the faces of the other two spawn on the back swing, cracking ones skull and blinding the other. He then runs off after the flying spawn who flies a few metres and skids to a stop, dead. A fourth spawn is running towards him through the bonehoard.

He runs towards it, stunning it with three quick jabs to the face, the leg, and the hip. While the spawn stands there dazed, chance swings his crossbow in an underarm sweep, smashing the beast on its misshapen chin and sending it flying towards the archery range. The other two spawn with the battered heads are still trying ineffectively to hit him but he is too quick and remains untouched, and chases off after his flying foe.

Glop Demon runs up to assist as the spawn smashes against the wall. He too is armed with a bolt-less crossbow and brings it round swiftly on the head of one of the Spawn while Chance II runs back at the other. The beast is sent flying at high speed right back the way he came, over all the bones in the hoard and outside again, where it falls dead upon a boulder.

Chance runs to confirm the kill while Glop demon turns to the last of the early spawn, and smashes him south into the new trade depot. The elves are almost at the gates with the north group of spawn having somehow...disappeared?

Wait, no, they've discovered the wreckage of  GLACIERERASER  and decided to investigate.

The elves continue to make their way through the bonehoard to the trade depot while another early spawn makes it in and OH GOOD GOD ICEDRAKE WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING IN THE BONE HOARD

Chance II and Glop demon have both decided now is the best time to go on patrol. Icedrake finally spots the slobbering spawn running towards her and makes a break for it back toward the archery range where nippythefish is ...sparring on his own? He sees the spawn and decides its time to stop sparring. No certainly, now is the time for nippythefish! Uncle Jam however has come out to the range for target practice as the spawn closes on Icedrake. Not noticing the nearby spawn he casually fires an arrow at the target, but right as he does the movement in his peripheral vision alerts him to the spawn, and with the first arrow still flying he swings around and lets loose another bolt at the spawn.

The spawn dodges the bolt and keeps closing on IceDrake, who is running out of places to run to.

The two main southern groups of spawn are converging on the roof now and running at the centre of the eleven caravan line, while the northern group is bearing down on the rear of the elven line in a pincer manuevre.

Meanwhile, Uncle Jam sprints around the corner after the spawn and lets another bolt fly, while IceDrake runs for her life towards the corner of the bonehoard. The spawn dodges the bolt and keeps running. Jam fires another bolt which screams forth and stabs through its right claw, stapling it into its right leg.

The spawn keeps on after Icedrake so Uncle Jam fires another bolt. It ploughs into the beasts shoulder, finally appearing to slow it. Uncle Jam has run out of his practice bolts and so he closes in to finish the spawn off with his hands while the beast begins to limp after Icedrake again. He begins to bash the beast as it falls to the ground. He bashes it til it vomits and then kicks it into the air. The beast is flung several metres where it smashes against the south wall and explodes into several bloody pieces.

Outside, the southern group of spawn have closed on the elves and begun to eviscerate their mules...

...while the northern group are just rounding the end of the chasm. Uncle Jam, however, has seen something outside that he wants...something...shiny. He walks out to pick it up, but something causes him to stop. OH YES ITS THE FUCKING SPAWN WE'RE STILL IN THE MIDDLE OF A SIEGE

The spawn all turn from the fresh corpses of the elves underneath them and turn to face Uncle Jam. He flips them the bird, and runs screaming into the horde, jumping past three of them, and swinging his crossbow into a fourth, sending it flying out over the glacier.

He turns back to the ones he jumped past and sets upon the middle spawn with all the ferocity...well, all the ferocity of the spawn, really. The horde start scrambling towards him. Two jump upon him as he tears into a third with his crossbow and the horde closes around him.

One bites down hard on his ear, cutting it badly and wounding his head, while he grapples with another. He angrily kicks the spawn that bit him in the face sending it smashing into the side of the mountain. It vomits as it flies through the air. However, Uncle jam is starting to tire, and the spawn take advantage of his sluggishness, breaking his right arm and latching on to his foot. As more spawn latch on to him, wounding him, he struggles to wrestle against them and stay standing, counter striking them when and where he can - scoring broken limbs on almost every hit - until he drops his crossbow, his limbs giving out underneath him as he collapses unconscious under a pile of 12 spawn.

Uncle Jams death is not in vain, however, as his ferocity in battle appears to have rattled and wounded the southern group so much that they mill about confused on the glacier for a while before running for our borders to the north east.
Outside the northern and south eastern groups have finished off the last of the elves and are combining into a larger force running and howling towards the entrance past Tosanu's bizarre monument.
But then suddenly all the spawn stop, and screech to halt. The Group that was fleeing comes running back, and the larger group to the south changes their course and runs past our entrance, all 40 odd of them converging on one poor elf that hid and tried to make a break for it.

This elf is....fucked.