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Part 23: 64bitrobot: Update 7

15th Opal
Finally...I can't believe we had to rebuild that part of the project. Although the gold wall is really a good addition, if I do say so myself. Truely it will show the merchants our wealth.

I guess I should figure out what I'm going to do...captian of the guard seems like a good poistion. So there I'll be.

25th Opal

Damn. I've been injured. Now I'm stuck laying in this bed. Who knows how long before I'll ever be able to move again.

12th Obsidian
Screw this. I can't lead like this. Just laying in bed. The next dwarf that comes to give me food is getthing this job.

A New Year
YOU! About time somebody brought me food! Anyways, you're the new overseer. Have fun.

Nifty Stuff

Our new gatehouse

The bridge on the right of the trade depot raises towards the right. I forgot, but if spawn destroy bridges you might want to fix that, make it a retractable bridge.

How it works: Most times the bridge on the right is down and the bridge on the left is up. When traders come and unload you lower the left bridge, during a seige the raise the right bridge and the side bridges of the gatehouse.

Also of note is all the statues, in the middle of them a Tower-Cap statue, and to the left of that, an Onyx Door.

Another image of my project. The gold wall is showing off. The bridges retract, they're all hooked up.

Wagons come up the brook. It's the only possible way.

The jail, prisoners are treated to a bed and a nice silk rope. They can be viewed though the steel bars. Also the office and dining room of Captain of the Guard.

I'll upload the save a little later tonight.

Bobbin Threadbare wrote :-

Even now, I find myself hesitant in writing this account. Many will likely find me to be mad for writing of the things in the coming pages, and I cannot but ponder my own sanity at having witnessed the dark deeds and frightful monsters which populate the frozen region in which I have found myself. Perhaps in committing these thoughts to paper I can come to some sort of resolution regarding the evil that I have witnessed. And perhaps, if my story reaches the eyes of others, I can warn them away from the dire fate which doubtlessly awaits them should they stray too far from the civilization which we dwarves have erected around ourselves.

When I first heard of the Fortress known as SyrupLeaf, I marveled at its remote location. Dwarven explorations have been known to travel to such distant places, but to erect a settlement there seemed a momentous undertaking. Its sparse population only served to whet my appetite further; I have never been one to engage socially, my only contact with others coming through the necessities of my trade. Being a gem cutter of some note, I find myself more at home among the gems and jewels of the earth than among the boisterous companionship of other dwarves. The peculiar gleam of fire opal, the amazing quality of clarity held by crystal glass carry my full attention, and knowing that my trade is as ubiquitously valuable as the precious materials I deal in, I packed what little I considered valuable and joined the next caravan headed to my new home in the southern ice fields.

Little did I realize what horrors awaited me in that distant fortress.