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Part 236: Pozzo: Update 8b


I watched the humans as they milled around, just below the range of the ballistae. They didn't even appaer to be talking or discussing what to do...they were just...standing there.

They stood out there for about a week. While we waited Bobzzo decide we could afford to unlock the battery and institute a shift system until they decided to move. I think he also wanted to shift out the cowards and try different operators. It was the 27th of hematite before they did make any move. On that day it was my shift, and I was in the battery, along with Vander, rabbitmonger, IceDrake, Mysticalhaberdasher, and Cannonfodder. it was getting close to lunchtime and we were all thinking about perhaps going to get some food, when Cannonfodder spotted something out on the range.

"Is that a kitten?" he asked, but before anyone could answer him, we heard the battlecries of the humans as they charged.
"Nows your chance, boys!" we heard from Bobzzo behind us and then head the sound of the locking of the door.
A lone human appeared on the range. "Damn it, this is it! Fire!" cried Vander, and he, icedrake, and rabbitmonger fired their arrows.

Icedrakes arrow was wild, and veered off immediately to the right. Vanders arrow had more success, obliterating at least one thing on the range:

More humans mounted the rise as the arrows flew on.

But all three arrows flew harmlessly by. With Cannonfodder and Icedrake both deciding the humies were coming to close and running to hide at the back of the battery I decide I had better fire my own arrow while the time was right. But right as I hit the release on my arrow, disaster struck.

IceDrake was fleeing from the humans and ran right in front of my ballista. I ran to her aid but she had been felled immediately. Horrorfied I fell to my knees and watched the path of my arrow...

...which for once had flown straight and true. it ploughed right to the warhorse of a spearman, who was thrown from his mount on to the ground, unfortunately uninjured. The same could not be said for his steed, however.

and with that, the humans once again descended to wait at the bottom of the rise.
There were only two arrows left in the battery, the third having just being fired off by rabbitmonger in a fit of ernthusiasm at no one in particular. All the misfires were flying to the edge of our lands to fall intact on our borders, ready to be collected and refired, including my arrow, covered in the blood of the warhorse. This was infuriating! I went to go and find Bobzzo and tell himthe good and bad news about my first shot, leaving rabbitmonger and Mystical Haberdasher in the battery on the last two loaded ballista. As I walked out the door I heard a scream, and then rabbitmonger cried: "Damn it, Cannonfodder! NOOOO"

I ran back to find out what was going on. Cannonfodder had decided now was a good time to collect the spare arrows from outside and had blundered into the waiting humans. Most of them didn't care, but three broke off from the pack to chase him back down the range. rabbitmonger and MysticalHaberdasher readied themselves to fire.

Rabbitmonger let fly as Cannonfodder ran inside, and Mysticalhaberdasher decided this was all too much for him and ran away again. Rabbitmongers steel arrow flew wide again. I was beggining to suspect we needed more practice. Running to Mysticalhabedashers abandonned ballista, rabbitmonger let fly again but it too was a wide, and the humans lost interest in Cannonfodder and went back down the rise again. We loaded up the ballistas again with fresh arrows, only just made by Bobzzo. Suddenly we heard a commotion from inside the fort.


OOC: this is getting fucking silly. They won't attack unless something is close to them, and I don't have a formal military to send to attack them. I'll post again later tonight and see what I can do. Should I let the dwarves be allowed back outside to certain doom? (I hadn't bothered ordering them to stay inside til Cannofodder just wandered out)

Chance II wrote :-

I gotta tell you Pozzo, when you first started posting all excited about someday being an overseer and getting ready like a month ago I was seriously skeptical of what we were going to get. Turns out that, so far, you turn has been one of the most enjoyable I've read. Great job old sport!

About the special end of Syrupleaf blowout I had planned: doesn't look like I'll be finishing it. I've had too much real life lately not to mention actually having to do my job at work. So I'll post an older drawing updated up to Pozzo's turn and a piece of notes for the big pic I had planned.

I liked the thought of Vox taking Jesus' place in a Last Supper homage since his mods made this LP.

(Bobthethurd as some miner's union boss turned perpetual mayor has always been my favorite character)

The bottom pictures show the DF Royal W and my idea of a "real world" Royal W. Everyone was going to be mental patients and their neurosis would be connected to some thing distinguishing from their DF run.... and the doctors would be the Spawn assisted by frost giant male nurses and sand raider candy stripers.