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Part 238: Pozzo: Update 8d


As the Ballista operators run out the back of the battery to get more ammo or just do whatever else they want there is a loud shriek from the centre of the fort.

Mortuuslupus has created what appears to be an elaborate and glorified boiling beaker. She collapses to the floor in exhaustion upon its completion, the odd expression leaving her face and the talking in tongues subsiding. Right as this happens, three spearmen decide to break off from the milling group of humans and storm the entrance to the Bonehoard.

They chase off Cannonfodder and MysticalHaberdasher - working on the traps - who scatter off into the bonehoard safely. Then they make their final fatal mistakes. They go into the barracks.

There they find four champion guards and a hammerer with a wardog, who all stop, dwarf and dog alike, to look disgustedly at the invaders. the wrestler who got there first stands in the door way, not knowing what to do. Strange Matter, the hammerer, walks to the door, pulling his dog.

"STOP" says Strange Matter. "HAMMERTIME"

The dwarven law enforcer lifts his hammer and brings it down on the wrestlers right arm, mangling it beyond recognition. His second blow is a jab of the hammer directly into the wrestlers face. This blow mangles his head and pops out his left eye. As this is happening the dog jumps up and bites off the guys hand.

"EAT IT YOU LANKY BASTARD" says Strange Matter.

The two spearmen behind the wrestler have watched this all unfold with a mixture of shock and disbelief. "We probably should have waited with everybody else, huh Ent?" says one. The other one justs swallows. "Fuck it, CHARGE!" says the first one. Four champions - Dragon Jones, Glop Demon, Chance II and Niceaaron - clamber over top of the hammerer at the same time, enjoying the rare experience of actually outnumbering their foes, and fall upon the humans like nightmares.

The humans last less than a second. More blood for the blood god; more bones for the bonehoard.

In the mean time, the remaining humans continue to sit around near the bottom of Tosanus scratching pole. Infuriatingly, there is one spearman sat right in the middle of our ballista range, just sufficiently in range that we can't load the ballistae and yet sufficiently out of range that he does not move to attack. Bastard.

One brave warrior goes forth to stand against him. He will duel this spearman for Syrupleaf - he will have satisfaction.

Besmar the Cat leaps at the humans face, claws extended, hissing furiously.
The human smashes Besmar down into the ground with the haft of his spear, mangling his right rear leg, then stabs his spear through the cats belly. Besmar bleeds to death stabbed into the ground.

However, someone hears the death cries of Besmar, guardian of Syrupleaf.

Scores will be settled today.

Besmar will be avenged.