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Part 240: Pozzo: Update 8f


Vander and rabbitmonger are standing ready in the battery again. The humans are just about to the rise. But wait! WHO'S THAT HANDSOME DEVIL, OUT THERE ON THE RANGE?

Why its only Glop Demon, one half of the royal guard!

He runs down the slope, and meets the human group head on. Literally. Ago the Spearmaster leads the charge; he is first to get eviscerated.

"Today you die, Dwarf!" hisses the Spearmaster, as the humans close around Glop.
Glop Demon says nothing but swings up off the horses reins and aims a massive underarm swing of his crossbow right on Ago's chin, sending him flying off his horse.

For those patience-impaired laymen that can't play the game, a blue background denotes that that particular cocky spearmaster is now airborn.

The spearmaster lands hard on his neck, breaking it, and dying immediately.
Then follows the now familiar scene of a crowd of people with bodies flying out at all angles, until, after having only a third of their number die, the axemen decide "Fuck this" and scarper too. Glop Demon is busy chasing down a flying horse that he hit for six and does not notice.

That arrow is not in flight, by the way, it hit Tosanus scratching pole and dropped harmlessly to the ground

Glop kicks around a few more of the wounded warhorses until he realises his playmates are gone and so he sprints off after them to play on the glacier. And, quick little bugger that he is, he actually gets them.

He chases them right up to the eastern boundary of our land, where most of our ballista bolts have come to lie. Behind him is a trail of blood and bodies still flying through the air. War horses are slammed into ice walls and axemen are bisected. All is as it should be.

The humans dealt with, Glop Demon finishes what he came out here to do - collect a single mackerel bone bolt for target practice.

From a stack of 4, he picks up one. The squad of Axemen with the leader of the siege - Lani the Swordmaster - standing one screen away wisely ignore Glop, and he ignores them. He picks up his bolt and returns to the archery range.

OOC: Ok, so three groups left standing exactly where they entered the map - the second axemen, the bowmen, and the crossbowmen. It only gets harder from here. I have found a roundabout way to get the guard outside though: They are going to collect the un-forbidden bone bolts lying out all over the place. One at a time. Oh happy day!