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Part 246: Pozzo: Update 10b


MysticalHaberdasher is still locked in the lever room. His hand hovers centimetres away from the lever. He can hear the terrifying sounds of the battle but thankfully can not see it. He waits for Bobzzo to tell him when he can pull the last lever. The lever for  MACHINE X . The lever for the GLACIERMAKER.

Bobzzo is still in the battery, watching closely to see when the spawn enter the bonehoard and enter the machine. Menacedcrafts and Ozud and their squads clamber back inside, the full group of 20 of them in one clump. "Now! For Nemo, by Jingo! Pull the lever now!" cries Bobzzo.

MysticalHaberdasher obliges.

Deep within the fort, a rumbling and clanking noise begins.

Meanwhile, inside, Doomskinned has run down to the bedrooms to find the unconscious Spoonboy. The walls of the small bedroom are covered in blood as the rabid spawn tears our first overseer apart.

Well, tears him even more apart.

At the same time, Rabbitmonger is being chased down a hall by a Spawn by the name of Monsterdrill. He uses his skills as former Animal Caretaker to call a number of animals to his side, and then he grabs a mole pup and throws it to the spawn to distract it and runs away.

Luckily, some war donkeys have responded to his call and are closing on the spawn as it grapples with the mole pup. Rabbitmonger is caught in a dead end though, and runs to hide in one of the bedrooms as Monsterdrill tears apart the various animals outside.

Back at the bonehoard, the spawn are mostly through the machine, but a group of 5, led by the recently risen Spawn 'Nightmarerays', are grappling with some of the Molenarok animals (hereafter referred to as "Molenarockers") that have made it this far, right in the centre of  MACHINE X 

Menacedcrafts limps out of the machine, leading her pack of 20 with Ozud into the remaining Molenarockers.

The clanking subsides...

The flood gates open....

The water chambers begin to empty....

GLACIERMAKER is activated.


Nightmarerays, his 4 pals, and the two or three war animals in the device are immediately encased in ice.

The last remaining Spawn outside runs forward after his mates only to run directly into a rapidly formed wall of ice, smash into it, and drop to the floor, stunned.

Ozud is one of the last out of the machine, speeding out ahead of the approaching wall of ice only to meet a mole head on. He dodges the moles strike and jumps back into the machine to be immediately flash frozen.

Meanwhile, the remaining Molenarockers are engaging with Menacedcrafts forces. The War Mammoth is taking a hammering and one spawn leaps forward and rips off its right tusk.

In short order the spawn slaughter the mammoth. Things are going equally as poorly for the rest of the animals. The battle is far too complex to follow but one thing is obvious and that's that the Molenarockers are getting thoroughly rooted.

Back inside, Rabbitmonger has been saved by a war donkey: Monsterdrill was taken down by Glovedringed the donkey.

This has been quite draining for Bobzzo, and he decides he needs a drink. He wanders off to go and find a barrel of whiskey. (I'm not talking about the game here)

As their numbers whittle, only the most heroic, named Molenarockers remain. Heroic beasts like Beardman the mole.

Where have the 3 remaining champions been this whole time? Pimpmust and Niceaaron are just hanging in the dining room.

Dragon Jones has been in his room, not even sleeping. Just chilling out. Now he decides to go and see what all the fuss is about. Waiting around the corner for him is Doomskinned, who has been running around the bedroom area hunting stray war donkeys.

He charges the bloodied spawn, and smashes him against the stairs, injuring the spine. He then beats the Spawn in the arm with his crossbow, breaking it.

The spawn goes into a martial trance, but it is too late, and Dagon Jones kicks its face in. The spawn bleeds to death on the stairs.

Dragon Jones then goes on patrol. These spawn will not stand in the way of JUSTICE.

In the meantime, Menacedcrafts and his group have finally finished of the last of the Molenarockers.

The bonehoard, already the most macabre area of the fort, is now covered in dozens of corpses, a sea of blood, and hundreds of fresh limbs, chunks, and body parts. Molenarok itself appears to have taken out around a dozen Spawn. The remaining Spawn head through the barracks to the main fort, and split into several groups.

Out in the main hall, Pimpmust has deigned to come down the stairs, and there, in the middle of the stair case he meets the group of Spawn with Menacedcrafts.

Pimpmust is caught off guard by the spawn, and Menacedcrafts leaps and tackles him. He is knocked to the ground and stunned. The spawn circle. Suddenly one clamps down on his hand.

It is mangled, and then severed.

He fights on gamely one handed but he is rapidly beginning to tire. He dodges the snapping jaws of the spawn but they are backing him up against the wall.

Elsewhere in the fort, a breakaway group of Spawn have been attacking a dog in the University area. NiceAaron arrives to take care of this and save the dog.

Pimpmust has managed to dodge out on to the bridge to the mine shafts. He runs off over the bridge and down the hall with the spawn on his tail, but the effort of all this dodging and running and bleeding out his wrist finally gets the better him and he collapses by the entrance to the battery.

Niceaaron was too late to save the dog, but he has eviscerated the spawn, and is sending one flying out across the top of the stair case, which is now running with rivers of blood.

Upstairs, a lone Spawn has cornered Mohawk Satan and Kaveman, with a whole lot of mole pups in the university Upper level.