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Part 247: Pozzo: Update 10c


Pimpmust lies just past the passage to the ballista battery.

The spawn are closing on his unconscious form, lead by a risen spawn named Goadpoisons, who is first to get to the guard.

Down in the battery, notwhoyouknowiam struggles to load a ballista. Pozzo stands behind him, unsure of what to do. They can hear whats going on outside. Neither want to confront the horrors but they know one of their brothers is outside, and time is short. Pozzo suddenly has an idea. "Turn the ballista around!" he cries.

As notwhoyouknowiam finishes loading the ballista and begins to turn it around, Pozzo rushes forth to remove the door to the corridor and open up the passage way to ballista fire.

Upstairs, the spawn stalking Kaveman and Mohawk Satan has met resistance in the form of a War Dog: "Paddlephrase"

Behind the spawn, a war donkey is clambering up the stairs, though this donkey is still vunerable to being caught in the battle between Niceaaron and the spawn on the level below.

Speaking of which, Niceaaron has slaughtered the majority of them, with one left standing and another flying gracefully and rapidly towards the wall at the end of the corridor, but he is getting tired.

Paddlephrases leaps ferociously at the spawn, biting it in the right leg. Mohawk and Kaveman are running to the back of the university, to hide in the classroom area. The war donkey charges up and joins the fray.

Niceaaron has made his way to the last remaining spawn in his group, which was running to help his brother up in Syrupleaf U, and clobbered it solidly around the head with his bow, sending it flying.

Downstairs, the Spawn are closing around Pimpmust, biting down on him, tearing out massive chunks, as Pozzo runs to tear down the door.

Elsewhere in the fort, the Spawn run amok, with one catching Fable by surprise out in the main hall.

Fable dodges the spawns attack, and runs to hide in the Refuse room - the precursor to the Bonehoard from the forts early days which is now filled primarily with turtle shells in various states of fossilisation.

The charge of the War Donkey has knocked the Spawn upstairs into one of the university's odd little pools, and NiceAaron is chasing down the other Spawn as it flies towards the wall.

Downstairs, Pozzo closes on the door, and begins jimmying it off of its hinges. But it is too late for Pimpmust, who is overwhelmed by the large group of Spawn.

Fable makes it a step or two into the refuse room but the Spawn leaps forward and bites her by the hand, mangling it and dragging her back through the door.

There the Spawn continues viciously biting the Bone Carver, removing the hand and then a foot...

...and snapping and biting at her until she is dead.

The spawn that kills her becomes risen, gaining the name Evillures, and goes off hunting some puppies.

Up at the university, the Spawn manages to drag the War Donkey under the water with it, while Niceaaron finally ascends the stairs to find out what is going on out here.

However, the Spawn stays hidden in the water, wrestling with the donkey, as Paddlephrase the dog bleeds to death from his injuries on the edge of the pool, and so Niceaaron decides since he can't see anything amiss up here that he should just have a seat and relax on a break. The Spawn itself manages to kill the donkey, and then...just...sits there...underwater?

Meanwhile, Pozzo has finally removed the door, only to find that the spawn have run off out up into the mining shafts chasing...

A mole pup?

Goadposions gets to it first and rips it to shreds, and all the spawn come running back down the corridor. Goadposions rushes past, heading back to the main hall with half the spawn following. The other half decide its time to check out the battery, and are lead down there by Menacedcrafts herself. notwhoyouknowiam's hand hovers over the arrow release.

In the main hall, Goadpoisons has MysticalHaberdasher cornered in the weapon stockpile.

Two more spawn are running rapidly up behind to join the fray. As Mystical backs away from the slavering spawn, being pushed further up in to the corner of weapon stockpile, he trips over a war hammer. Falling over backwards, he stares at the hammer on the floor. The Spawn creeps closer, ready to take its time, knowing that all hope for the dwarf is lost.
But as Mystical stares at the hammer the look on his face turns from one of fear, to one of realisation, and finally to an expression of righteous anger. Mysticalhaberdasher climbs to his feet and faces the approaching spawn.

Back in the ballista battery, notwhoyouknowiam lets fly his arrow, and it whistles down the corridor at speed. Some of the spawn turn tail and run back around to hide around the corner. The arrow is not aimed at Menacedcrafts, who is running down the other side of the hallway, but once again, the inexperience of our operators seems to work in their favour as the arrow skews out to the right into the path of the spawn leader...

...but instead smashes into the side of the door that Pozzo did not remove, and disintegrates.

Mystical leaps at Goadpoisons, roaring as he does, and catching the spawn by Surprise, but at the same moment one of the two rushing up behind Goadpoisons - another risen spawn by the name of Thiefhate - rushes in and tackles the dwarf, knocking him out with the force of the blow, and removes his entire right arm - from hand up to shoulder - in one bite. The senior Spawn howls in rage and shoves Thiefhate aside to strike down the heroic dwarf.

Doing so gives Goadpoison his fifth kill, gaining him the title "The Terrible Suffering of Covers". But Mysticals death is not the sole thing that this Spawn has wrought. Standing across the other side of the hall, watching the entire event, having returned from his drink, is the Mayor - BobzzotheThurd. On seeing Mysticals last stand, the same realisation crosses his face that crossed Mysticals face just moments before. He begins talking to himself. "Do you see that, old chap? That's what I came here for. Did you watch that?! That's what I was here to do, what! By jingo, this place was hopeless. This place was destined for doom! They thought to bring Syrupleaf to its knees. But our people will not die or their knees. That is not our way. That is not your way! For 15 years you have muddled your way around here, mumbling about glass. But I know you just saw what happened. And, damn and blast! It must happen again! You must make it happen! I know I have awakened you again. I have caught you, thinking to yourself, "What demon is this?!" This was not a demonic possession. This was a Nemonic possession! I was brought here to bring you around to your senses. HE sent me from my place of rest in the halls! You are the last of the seven! Vox, Nemo, Spoonboy, Rincebrain, Ticklehug, Skaw. They all fought and died in this place. Now it is your turn, Bob, do you feel it?! Now it is your turn to sanctify these halls with your blood! You will have these people die with dignity - it is your destiny! Its all up to you, Bob, your time is now." He pauses a moment. "Good show, putting up with me, old chap." He pauses again. "Good luck." Then he falls silent. There is a low whispering sound, and then a thunderstrike.
Bobthethurd, Mayor of Fortress Syrupleaf, rises to his feet.
"DWARVES!" He cries, his loud voice booming across the fort, and dwarf and spawn alike stop to listen.





Screaming Idiot wrote :-

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Screaming Idiot wrote :-


SUch a long LONG loNG SLUmber



she is awake

shE IS Awake

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