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Part 248: Pozzo: Update 10d


All dwarves in the fort have heard the call. They don't know how, or why, but they have heard Bobthethurd, their mayor and last surviving member of the Seven of Syrupleaf, those that struck the earth here, speaking in the same self-assured voice he spoke with all those years ago. Not the bizarre accent and dialect they have heard for the past few months, not the addled and absent-minded muttering of the years since his brain injury, but the voice of Bobthethurd, Mayor of Syrupleaf. They have heard his roar, and slowly, all at the same time, are coming to the same realisation. Each dwarf here is realising their own destiny. They don't know how they all managed to hear Bob roar all throughout these long and winding halls, but they do know what they must do. They don't know how they know, but they all know, and all dwarves make their way to the main hall outside the barracks. They group together with all those they can to form smaller squads. Koorisch and TheWhiteCrane are down in the bedroom area, and form together as the Blockaded worship.

Rotinaj, Teim and MohawkSatan are in the meeting areas of the dining room and university respectively, and can get to each other relatively easily, and form up as The Secretive Chambers.

JosephwongKS is in the depths of the fort near the adamantine pits, and begins to run up to the main hall on his own.

Pozzo, notwhoyouknowiam, and kilohurtz are still in the battery, and run out the door at Menacedcrafts, calling themselves The Gilded Coalitions.

Deki and Rabbitmonger are in the brewery, having just had a drink. With them are Dragon Jones and Bobthethurd. Deki turns to Bobthethurd. "We'll follow you there."
"No. You go on, I've got one last thing to do. I'll meet you there." says Bobthethurd. He hefts his pick off his shoulders and walks out of the room, making for the food stockpile in the upper levels.

Deki turns to Dragon Jones as he drops a barrel to the floor and wipes his beard on the back of his hand. "What about you?"
"I work better alone." says Dragon Jones.
"Well that's that." says Rabbitmonger. "I'll follow you lad. But we're the Mortality of Metal." and the pair of Dwarves run out of the room.

Outside the battery, Pozzo and notwhoyouknowiam charge. Menacecrafts and another Spawn charge at them.

In the main hall, Deki charges at the unsuspecting Thiefhate as Rabbitmonger finishes getting a drink around the corner.

He runs up to the spawn and smashes it in the arm, catching it by surprise, and stunning it.
He follows around the spawn, kicking it fast in the leg.

Downstairs, Goadpoisons has gone running in to the bedroom area, catching Koorisch by suprise as he approached the stairs.

But Koorisch rapidly recovers, and begins to grapple with the Spawn. "Hey. This wrestling lark isn't so tough!" he says after a while.

Then Goadpoisons rips his leg off.

Up in the university, Mohawk Satan has fearlessly gone to attack the Spawn that was chilling out having a bath, diving into the water after it, forgetting that he can not swim.

He grapples with the spawn anyway, injuring its spine, as another War Donkey plunges in after him to help.

It suddenly occurs to Rabbitmonger that they should summon the Molenarockers to their side - those trained too late for the glory of the cage.

He calls out and quickly the surviving Molenarockers - who had largely just been following Phrederick around as he blithely made ballista arrow heads in the forges - are summoned forth to the various Killsmiths throughout the fort.

Around the corner from Rabbitmonger, Deki's quick attacks have startled the spawn so much that it makes a break for the stairs. However, Dragon Jones is coming over to sort the bugger out, and the stairs are about to be the thoroughfare for a stampede of war donkeys so things are not looking good for Thiefhate.

Dragon Jones casually steps over to the escaping spawn and eviscerates it entirely.

Meanwhile, Pozzo grapples with Menacedcraft, as notwhoyouknowiam rushes up behind and joins the fray, and kilohurtz closes the distance behind them. As they arrive, Pozzo roars a furious roar.

This irritates Menacedcrafts so much she breaks his shoulder.
Meanwhile things are not looking good for the Blockaded Worship, as Koorisch has his back broken and another risen spawn - Cursehalls - joins in the fight, attacking TheWhiteCrane. It is not long before the spawn strike out at Koorisch for the last time.

Out by the battery, Pozzo and notwhoyouknowiam are not having any luck striking Menacedcraft, and Pozzo, despite his rage, is not scoring a single hit upon the spawn leader, as the wrestling breaks more and more of his bones. He succumbs to the pain and faints all too early, before kilohurtz even reaches the brawl to help.

But right then notwhoyouknowiam finds a hidden reserve of strength, tackling Menacedcrafts off his fallen comrade and knocking the confused beast back two metres down the hall.

Unfortunately, there is still an un-named Spawn mauling Pozzo as he lies unconscious on the ground. kilohurtz enters the fray against this Spawn right in time to see it rip out Pozzos throat, severing the jugular.
Pozzo does not last long without his throat, and he goes down.

This leaves the husband and wife duo of notwhoyounowiam and kilohurtz fighting side by side against 3 named/risen spawn - Menacedcraft, Trampledincest, and the newly risen Creedscorpion who just killed Pozzo.

Elsewhere, TheWhiteCrane is facing a similar situation to Pozzo, fighting against 2 spawn while knocked out.

Without anybody nearby to try and save him, TheWhiteCrane goes down even faster.

Upstairs things are faring better for MohawkSatan in his fight against the Spawn in the pool - he and the War Donkey have managed to seriously brutalise it and it looks like he's got it in the bag.

He's even stopped drowning.

At the ballista battery, notwhoyouknowiam has watched the fall of his friend Pozzo - a man who he had just spent more than a year travelling with to this frozen hellhole - laid low in a most gruesome fashion, and he grimaces in anger and charges at Menacedcraft.

His furious strike catches the spawn off guard and it land heavily on a rock on the floor, opening a long gash along its arm.

At the same time, Creedscorpion turns to kilohurtz and slashes out at her arm with its claws, mangling them instantly. As the she-dwarf spins around from the force of the blow, Trampled incest slashes at her back, mangling her upper body and rendering her unconscious, and she drops down, cracking her skull on the cold stone floor.

notwhoyouknowiam watches in horror as his wife disappears under the two spawn while he grapples with Menacedcraft.

He cries out her name as all three spawn turn their attention to him. He barely even notices.

Out in the main hall, Deki is rushing in to find 4 named spawn hanging around and harrassing the donkeys - Hateddrill, Plaguebanded, Growledmalign, and Evillure. He runs to engage them. This might seem a cocky move for the young Killsmith, but he is backed up by not only Rabbitmonger, but NiceAaron and Dragon Jones, who were on their way to the barracks to spar and are not happy about the interruption.

The fortress is about to have what could well be its first and last fair fight. (Numerically fair, anyway.)


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Preperations are already underway!

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