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Part 249: Pozzo: Update 10e


Deki casually ignores Evillure who is running at him, and walks around the corner to the weapon stockpile as Niceaaron sprints up to the unsuspecting spawn before it can even take a step in Deki's direction. Niceaaron rapidly pummels the shit out of Evillure.

Dragon Jones shows up shortly after and joins the pummeling. But it is Deki, who walks up with Rabbitmonger to join the two guards, who actually scores the killing blow on the Spawn EvilLure, as the other three Spawn finish brutalising the donkey and come running at the four of them.
Dragon Jones and Niceaaron push aside the two inexperienced dwarves in a movement of perfect unison to meet Hateddrill and Plaguebanded head on. Both Spawn are knocked back with broken bones.

Niceaaron follows up by smashing Hateddrill down the corridor fast as a bolt, while Dragon Jones begins to just generally mangle Plaguebanded. Growledmaligns closes the gap and joins the fray. As he arrives, Dragon Jones bats Plaguebanded over his head, and both guards chase after their respective airborne foes, leaving Deki and Rabbitmonger to deal with the charging Growledmaligns. The Spawn tackles Deki with its massive claws, mangling his lower body, and then turns to bite Rabbitmonger in the head.

Rabbitmonger shortly goes unconscious. As both airborne spawn smash lifelessly into walls, Niceaaron turns around and charges forward to meet Growledmaligns, smashing the spawn with his crossbow and sending it flying back towards the barracks, where it smashes against the wall and falls to the ground a mangled sack of blood.
Upstairs, Mohawk Satan has ended his submarine fight for life, and after sitting in the water for another couple of minutes he goes to rest his mangled arm.

Down on the lower bedroom level, Goadpoisons finds himself amidst another stampede of War Donkeys, and hardens himself for battle.

Cursehalls, who was with him up to this point has smelt the lofty smell of self-reflective existentialism and raced off after our Philosopher, Mortal Sword.

The Spawn chases the enrobed philosopher back down the hall to the Sirocco Quarter - home of the concert hall and the gaping hole where we used to have a lever of mystery. There, at the top of one of the secondary staircases, stands Rotinaj, ready to finally shake of the stigma of his "Shitbird" rank.

The Spawn closes the distances fast, but Rotinaj holds fast, grabbing the charging spawn as it tries to rush past. Cursehalls roars in fury, and punches Rotinaj in the heart with its misshapen claw.

Meanwhile, on his way to a bed to recover his arm, Mohawk Satan has come across Goadpoisons in his heated battle with the war donkeys.

Mohawk knows that he has come across what is swiftly turning into the most fearsomely powerful Spawn in the fortress, and certainly the Spawn that has claimed the most lives this day. He knows that he is doomed. But he roars "SYRUPLEAF!" and jumps at the spawn anyway. Despite his mangled arm he tackles the spawn, and they begin to wrestle and grapple each other .

Upstairs, Cursehalls has begun to dismantle Rotinaj piece by piece, the Spawn screeching its un-natural roar as it does so. Rotinaj lost consciousness soon after the heart punch so he is mercifully out for this process.

But his sacrifice was not in vain - Rotinaj has managed to buy time for Niceaaron to close the distance to the Spawn.

Mohawk Satan manages to wrestle with Goadpoisons for the longest any of the Killsmiths has against a spawn, and he manages to avoid injury while doing it. However, after a while, he quite suddenly falls unconscious. It is only now that Goadpoisons is able to lay a filthy claw on him, and from that point, Mohawk Satan is not long for this world.

Back up in the Sirocco Quarter, it seems that Mortal Sword has squandered the time that Rotinaj managed to buy him by continuing to hang around and not making himself scarce. But Cursedhall is distracted.

A vicious kitten has come to protect the philosopher, and is judged the most potent threat in the immediate vicinity by the Spawn. The beat of Niceaaron's boots as he runs ever closer echo down the hall behind them.
Just as the spawn rips the head off the kitten, Niceaaron runs up behind it and smashes it in the hip.

Mortal Sword runs to the noble quarters up the nearby staircase, as Niceaaron smashes the spawn again, sending it flying...about a half a metre into a wall where it dies on impact.

Further up in the main hall, a new Spawn, named Fireycruelty, which has been lurking around out in the Bonehoard since the battle of Molenarok, has found the heavily-injured-but-still-conscious rabbitmonger bleeding out on the floor and begun to bat him around a bit.

The Spawn begins dismembering Rabbitmonger, and he falls unconscious again. He soon joins his brothers up in the halls.