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Part 250: Pozzo: Update 10f


In the main hall, JosephWongKS has finally arrived. Behind him stands Mr. Peepers, gasping at the spawn Creedscorpion who stands before them, soaked in the blood of the Gilded Coalitions.

The Spawn charges at the killsmith, slashing with its claw, and tear open his abdomen.

Joe vomits on the spawn in retaliation. Creedscorpion smashes the Killsmith in the face killing him.

He then leaps on to the dwarven child, Mr. Peepers, clawing at his chest and tearing open a wound to the childs tiny heart.

As Fierycruelty runs back in to the room from killing rabbitmonger, the childs life gives out.

Downstairs, Menaced craft has been busy killing our animals - gaining her fifth kill and the title "The Circumstantial Sufferings". Unfortunately for her this translates to "Assaromshit"

Running out of dogs and kittens to kill, she catches the scent of blood - Someone has miraculously managed to find the time to drag Cannonfodder to bed, where he lies unconscious.

She throws the hero of the battery from his bed, where he smashes against the wall and dies.

Suddenly, there is a shriek from elsewhere in the fort.

Goadpoisons has gone up to the university area and offended the countess with his presence.
He does not appreciate her attitude.

He slaps her hard with his claw, sending the countess flying backwards trailing blood.

Cyster doesn't seem all too happy about it either as she lands with open wounds on her lung, heart, and various limbs, and the spawn walks off to hunt the nearby molepups.

Downstairs, most of the remaining spawn are collecting in the bedroom area with Menacedcraft.

The only two dwarves down here are Deki, resting in his bed, and Dragon Jones, who is sleeping. The 5 spawn all start to run for Dragon Jones room, but one - Trampledincest - who goes after Deki.

Back at the university, Niceaaron has come to investigate the countesses loud scream of anger. He looks around the room, taking in the bloody limb- and corpse-filled pool, the unconscious and bleeding countess, the eviscerated dog corpse, and the sounds of dying mole pups coming from the next room.


Niceaaron decides and goes to check the back rooms, where Idles is recovering, as Goadpoisons runs out of the classroom area behind him and swipes at a wounded wardog, sending it flying into the wall.

NiceAaron checks the back rooms and can not work out what might have happened up here. He stands thinking for a while. Goadpoison starts to run at him, charging at the guard from across the room. Niceaaron continues to ponder the criminal conundrum before deciding that maybe the classrooms up at the front where all that squealing was coming from before might be a good place to check, and he makes to check the classrooms as Goadpoison gets to him...

...and runs right past without touching him, heading straight for another mole pup. Niceaaron walks up to the rooms as Goadpoisons throws the mole pup at the wall and heads back to finish the countess off.

The Spawn charges at the countesses unmoving body and launches it into the air as it charges past, heading for Nicearron again as he wanders in to the class room. The spawn is moving so fast that he actually over takes the flying body of the countess.

Her body hits the ground in the centre of the room with a wet thud, but she was dead before she landed.

The noise of the body hitting the ground finally catches Niceaarons attention, and he turns around to see the spawn running at him.
OOC: I feel I should tell you here that I DF companioned Goadpoisons to have the same stats as NiceAaron for this battle...otherwise its just not fair on the poor little bugger. Those stats if you are wondering, are: Wrestler 45, Strength 12, Agility 14, Toughness 9. Before that the spawn was on Wrestler 3, Agility 1, Every other skill 0....yeah, so the fight was supposedly fair. It was also supposedly a fight.

The Spawn tackles him, its unnatural claws creating a deafening screech as they file long gouges in his Vox Nihili armour. The attack stuns him, but he is still able to deliver a heavy blow to the beasts spine with his crossbow as they hurtle backwards towards the door.

The spawn responds by biting on his arm, and swiping at his face. Niceaaron can't avoid the bite but counterstrikes the swipe and mangles the beasts right claw in the process. With that, he seems to have the beast bested, and begins to force the spawn back between the pools...

...And then he goes back to investigate the classrooms even more, leaving the injured spawn on the floor. "That'll teach yer to interrupt a criminal investigation, yer scally bastard" cries Niceaaron over his shoulder. The Spawn clambers up on to its feet and runs after him.

It runs through the door, slamming it on its hinges so hard it bounces back and jams shut...

...and runs into the chancellors office where Niceaaron is examining one of the fresh molepup corpses. "You again, eh, ya gape-face bastard?" asks Niceaaron as he smashes the approaching spawn in the leg.

He walks past to exit the room and leave to have a drink, smashing the spawn in the upper back for good measure as he walks past. Goadpoison limps slowly after him.

While all this happened, in the bedroom area, Deki has been found in his bed by the Spawn Trampledincests...

...and dealt with. At the same time Teim has finally reached his station in the main hall, having been the only killsmith to collect his hammer. It does little to protect him from the Spawn Ticknotches that leaps up from the lower levels and catches him by surprise.

At least he died with a hammer in his hands.
Downstairs several Spawn have tracked down the sleeping Dragon Jones.

It seems he is not as practiced in sleep-fighting as markus was.

Suddenly, on the lower fortress levels, near the pits, there is a cry of anguish.

Kaveman, having lost his father - Mysticalhaberdasher - and his two best friends - Deki and Mr. Peepers - in quick succession, is driven insane. He begins wailing and roaring and gnashing his teeth, baying for blood - anybody's blood.

Strange Matter has awoken from his nap for a drink. "THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE" he says.

The insane one-eyed child does not last long. "I'M STILL THIRSTY" declares the Hammerer.