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Part 252: Pozzo: Update 10h


With the fall of the Mayor, the last of the Seven of Syrupleaf, the rest of the fort drops like flies. Phrederick falls to Menacedcrafts in the university, trying to protect some puppies.

Idles, still resting unconscious in the dorms there, is the next to go down.

MortuusLupus is found by FireyCruelty in the halls by the shops and runs away, but the spawn gives chase. The three year old is ripped in half.

Eiba has grown increasingly disconsolate at the deaths not only of so many moles, but of some of his best friends.

He is sobbing up in the dining hall, surrounded by mole pups, when the spawn come for him. They begin to slaughter the pups, and Eiba screams in horror. He runs at the nearest spawn, lashing out at him violently. The spawn - Ticknotches - is caught by surprise by this outlash and receives a broken arm...

..but recovers quickly, savagely beating the frantic Moleboy until the life is gone from him. His corpse lies surrounded by those of his fallen children.

Strangematter, the hammerer, comes across Fireycruelty in the food stockpile, and though caught by surprise, he is able to smash the spawn in the face, sending it flying...

However, the spawn is quickly joined by two of its last remaining comrades, and the Hammerer quickly goes down. "I ONLY WANTED TO BE LOVED" he says, as he breathes his last.

brute_force, count consort, is wandering the fort, looking for his wife. He inadvertently stumbles across the grisly scene, and the spawn give chase.

He makes it as far as the refuse room.

The only two dwarves left in the fort are in the jail. NiceAaron and the unconscious Toja.

NiceAaron listens carefully to all around him. It is silent. He unchains the injured animal care-taker and walks him to the door. They mount the stairs to the hall of levers, and NiceAaron looks out and down the hall towards the road of gold. "Bob told me he mined an exit." he says to the unconscious dwarf. "Up in the food stockpile." He makes his way through the fort to the stockpile, loath to be dodging the few spawn left, but knowing he must get himself and his injured compatriot out alive. They make it to the stockpile and clamber up the ramp to the outside. Toja is barely conscious now, slung over NiceAarons shoulder, mumbling incoherently. Niceaaron looks down on the empty gatehouse, Elcurbast the giant still running around on the top of it screaming. He looks up at the bridge on the top of the mountain.

It hasn't moved in about a week, and is now in the down position, as if it was flipping off those below it.
He turns and looks out at the horizon.
"Time to move on, I think"


Shadowlyger wrote :-

A small dwarven skeleton sit upon an obsidian throne. The skeleton lacks arms, and the jaw is split vertically, as if someone had stabbed it in the face. It is clad in adamantium armor. As you approach, the skeleton's eyes alight with a hellish flame... and magma sprouts from the throne it sits upon, wrapping around it, and it grows... becomes huge. A vaguely dwarf-shaped behemoth made of obsidian. From the stumps where there should be arms, magma suddenly sprouts and shapes itself into claws, but this magma doesn't cool. A huge obsidian skull sitting atop the behemoth alights with flame and cackles madly at you.

Then its chest splits open and ribs, made of adamantium, scythe out and chomp together like macabre teeth. As they open you see a glimpse of a hellish flame within the creature's core, the screams of thousands of souls echoing out. The beast looks at you and unleashes a soul-rending screech.

What do you want on your tombstone?