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Part 259: Holistic Detective and Nemo

What is the true story behind these legendary figures?

The_White_Crane wrote :-

The Book of Legends, Vol XIX posted:

And spake the dark God Holistic, "Strike at me then, and I shall take your wounds and visit them upon you a thousandfold!"
Then did Holy Nemo bring down Armok's wrath upon the evil one, and sunder her hands from her very body... but yea, the Prophecy of Rotinaj was yet to see fruition, and Holistic's fanged maw did open wide and rend Nemo into tattered shreds, and nevermore were the twain seen by Dwarvenkind.

...until now.

Shit, if we're to fend off the Holistic Spawn, we need Nemo's sword!

Val Helmethead wrote :-

Zoe posted:

  Wasn't Nemo an evil skeleton too? 

Nemo2342 posted:

Obviously over the years the details of those final days have become a bit...distorted. All many people remember is that it was Nemo and his mighty blade who removed Holistic's hands, before he was brutally torn apart by her hellmaw.

Vox Nihili posted:

It is said that when the god Nemo fought the fell god-beast Holistic Detective, Nemo struck off both her hands, then slashed her face open along the mouth with his obsidian blade. Holistic Detective then used her now horribly enlarged mouth to tear Nemo in half, then descended to Hell, taking her rightful place at the head of the demons there. Now, her horrific descendants plague the land, conquering fortresses and towns alike, breeding madly like animals and consuming any who oppose them.


But not a Dwarven Cannon!

Eiba wrote :-

As a point of history to remind mythwriters- the skeletal abomination that is Holistic was the result of a disgruntled tax collector/occult enthusiast (me) who had been killed by the insane Cult of Holistic and made a pact with the demons to strip away her flesh and make kill her own followers... or something.

To be honest I put about 7 seconds of thought into that when I first wrote it, but it's still the only given reason Holistic is a villain instead of a hero. No real reason was given for Holistic and Nemo fighting each other, though. I'd kind of abandoned narrative for asskicking at that point.

King Doom wrote :-

Nemo2342 posted:

Ok, so what was the reason for Nemo to become a skeleton then? What little narrative there was for Nemo and Holistic fighting (other than the sheer awesomeness of it) was that the two hit each other once or twice durring the slaughter, and decided to fight it out at the end.

Nemo willingly became a skeleton when he discovered the terrible transformation Hollistic Detective had undergone - He gave up his mortality, his life, his beard, his very dwarfishness in return for the one thing that would possibly allow him to carry out his duty: eternity. He became undead so that he could battle the evil one for all time, the eternal champion, forever guarding the dwarves left behind.

Vox Nihili wrote :-

Perfect Potato posted:

Holistic Detective doesn't have shit on tehsid at this point.

Oh and something has to be drawn depicting a horde of little horsey riding Giants fleeing from an enraged dwarf.
Holistic at left, Nemo at right:

Tehsid, prior to Daeren's turn:

Level 15 is legendary.

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