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Part 260: Lesno

For a while, people seemed interested in this guy...

Vox Nihili wrote :-


Did the humans just send superman as their trader?

He may be tough, but he didn't have to kill until he was unfortunate enough to be assigned to Syrupleaf. There he had to fight a giant cave swallow to the death with his bare hands to survive. Oh, and he's 112 years old.

Kennel wrote :-

Lesno was one of those who built The Tressed Church, a temple for Leru, goddess of pregnancy, family, marriage, birth and children. He was the first high priest there and ruled for 28 years until becoming guild represantive. His daughter, Specut, is currently a priestess in the same temple.

Specut married a town guard and they have two sons. Ebir Spoonpearl is a guard and Ases Boredbone is a farmer. Ebir is married with a guard and Ases with a farmer and both families have a teenaged daughter.

All of them live in Towerclods and are ardent worshippers of Leru.

Lesno's mother was town guard in Reinyawned and died of old age after 106 years. The mother didn't worship Leru so Lesno's faith had to come from his mysterious father.

Lesno has three years older sister Ozo Munchedowls, a ranger and a mother of five sons.

Lesno's 26 years younger brother Iwo Unionpeeks hasn't found wife. He's a guard.

e. His hometown is actually visible in this image.

TremendousMajestic wrote :-

Lesno is a badass, to be sure, but he's also a pretty interesting guy.

His early years were spent as a filthy hippie, bouncing from hovel to hovel, only holding down a job for two years at a time.

He was also kind of...hmm...shall we say 'romantically openminded'?

His daughter was born in 58, and it still took him til 75 to settle down, finally finding his life's calling as high priest of The Sugary Faith, which as Kennel said worshipped at "The Tressed Church, a temple for Leru, goddess of pregnancy, family, marriage, birth and children."

From the evidence here, it looks like Lesno is a higher up in some kind communal sex cult where it doesn't even matter if you can identify what or who you end up marrying.

Kennel wrote :-

I generated the world again without culling unimportant historical figures. New stuff about Lesno:

-Lesno's wife Hal Safefinger was born in 38. She was two years old when sand raiders attacked her home village and killed her parents (mother was a local leader). After growing up she married Lesno and became a shopkeeper. In 59 she joined an attack against sand raiders but was killed. Lesno was left alone with his one year old daughter.

-Lesno's father Tuñic Lockpass had a craft store. He died of old age in 72. He was just 69 years old (humans live 65-120).

-Lesno's paternal grandfather Mimap Sensesways was the orginal guild represantive for The Confederation of Breeches. He died of old age in 56 (Lesno was 20).

-Lesno's paternal grandmother Cogith Husheddesk lost her leg to a giant in 4. Despite this she gave annual birth during years 1-10 and continued wandering the wilds and fought with a giant and cyclops. She died of old age in 63 (Lesno was 27).

-Lesno's maternal grandfather Shanum Poetpriest had a weapon store that was razed by a dragon. He died of old age in 42 (Lesno was six).

-Lesno's maternal grandmother Acik Jokeddressed wandered the wilds but was killed by a giant in 13. She managed to deliver ten kids.

-Lesno also had a two years older sister Áspka Lighthowls who joined the army. She and 11 other humans attacked a sand raider camp. Sand raiders killed Áspka and four other without losses. She was 12 years old.

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