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Part 261: Monsters

Gigantic beasts that attacked Syrupleaf

Jazzimus Prime wrote :-

Special Bonus: The Epic of Beraÿi Warmsilver the Parched Flare, a dragon who roamed our world for almost 150 years.

Vox Nihili wrote :-

Current hydra stats:


[PREFSTRING:seven heads]

I figured seven times the normal bite damage is fair, given that they have seven heads after all.

Vox Nihili wrote :-

Life of a hydra:

Daeren wrote :-


I seriously can't stop laughing here.

What's happened is that the Hydra got so many wounds during worldgen it should have been long dead, but it never tallied them all up before it entered fortress mode. The instant it began existing inside Fortress Mode, the game shat itself, realized the Hydra should really be dead, and it collapsed instantly. It apparently survived a fucking decapitation, too


Vox Nihili wrote :-

Shadowlyger posted:

I like the original explanation of it showing up, heavily wounded after some horrific battle, and then dying shortly after arriving.

The great hydra Alho fought with a singular, powerful Spawn over 100 years ago. Using it's massive, powerful jaw, the Spawn managed to tear off one of Alho's gigantic necks at the base, moving too quickly for the hydra's many attacks to land. It then proceeded to tear at one of the hydra's legs, attempting to bring down the majestic creature. However, one of the hydra's remaining 6 mouths managed to just catch the Spawn by a claw, and immediately the thrashing monster was swallowed whole. But it's unholy essence was impermeable and indigestible, even to the hydra's powerful stomach fluids. And so, the Spawn remained in the giant creature's belly, sometimes dormant, sometimes thrashing wildly, for over a century. During this time, the hydra fought and bested many heroes, consumed many beasts, and received the worship of a small clan of dwarves. Eventually, Alho came to Syrupleaf, hoping to get a taste of moledog and feast upon the many inhabitants. Upon arriving, however, something in the depths under Syrupleaf caused the now largely digested but still living Spawn within the hydra to spring to life, thrashing wildly with it's remaining claws and teeth, tearing the hydra's organs apart from within even as it tore its own miserable body apart with the effort. The hydra died in a pool of it's bodily fluid, and the Spawn within was finally destroyed after decades of unthinkable existence.

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