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Part 50: Silento Boborachi: Update 1

In the mountains...
You have found a book inside the corpse!
It seems to be a research journal for a dwarf named Silento Boborachi...
  /\     /\
 /  \   /  \      
/____\P/____\     Parasol Industries 
\    /I\    /
 \  /   \  /        Internal Memo
  \/_____\/         DO NOT RELEASE

Good news everybody! Parasol Industries is celebrating its 
new contract with the Mountainhomes by providing the latest
in anti-sun defense! We're proud to give back to those who
have already given us so much. We have begun construction 
of a new research and development facility in the renowned
Udibgovos "Syrupleaf" fortress. Due to the extreme conditions,
this facility, with help from the fortress, will result in 
stronger, and more resistant parasols. 

Congratulations, Syrupleaf! We hope to see BIG things
in the future!

Ever had to worry about your workers fearing the sun, 
covering the entrance in vomit, and generally ruining the 
local mood with their despair? 

Then try the new P.U.K.E. model parasols! 
Relief for your workers, relief for you! 

Page 2

Agent SB, you have been directed to set up operations at Syrupleaf.
Recent events have designated the site as an optimal testing
grounds for multiple projects, including your own, PRIME. You
should find appropriate subjects within the local fauna, and foreign
invaders. MESSENGER units have been designated to make pickups in the
area, and have been outfitted with "Ice Drake" disguises. Use
encryption "R" in these communiqués.
Agent "S" will gather reconnaissance information before you arrive
and assist you in your operations there.

P.S. Make sure the above memo is leaked to appropriate sources.