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Part 55: Silento Boborachi: Update 6

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Getting a drink, I see Kallisti run by hollering.

He claims a clothier's shop.

And produces an artifact...pig...tail...rope...

Unfortunately, despite the safe depature of the human traders, we get no migrants.


New orders arrived from control. They were concerned over the loss of agent "S" and have ordered me to go native until they can send a replacement. I'm continuing my experiments with a rare elf-eating plant for the time being.

And unfortunately I'm out of time. Sorry lads, but here it is.  The Manufactory finally got its magma floodgates installed, and the mechanisms are built, but I havn't attached the mechanisms to the floodgates. Additionally, one of the water floodgates was installed backwards, so nippythefish is stuck behind it. I've left brief notes ingame on how it can be set up.  

The Save:

Edit: The fortress just entered august, good luck whoever's next.

Chance II wrote :-

"DualWielded" by Chance II. On the tapestry is a masterfully woven image of Firos the Dwarf and the infants Kaveman and Inneedofspellcheck. Firos is striking down. The infants are sleeping.

Leperflesh wrote :-

This is a crayon drawing by "Leperfish" Tiristlaltur. All craftsdwarfship is of the... well, not that great quality really, but he's six, and for a six-year old it's not that bad. On the drawing are a mountain and a mountain in black crayon. On the drawing is a glacier in blue crayon. On the drawing is maybe vomit or something in green crayon. On the drawing is a sun in yellow crayon. On the drawing is possibly a tribute tower in black crayon. The drawing relates to the arrival of the fourth migration to Syrupleaf in 144.

I'd do the description more justice if I knew the name of the migration I arrived in (it's the fourth, right?). I think my last name is Rincelancer? Jazzimus, can I see my full details? Thanks buddy!

Chance II wrote :-

Journal 18 - Hematite 28

As my first official duty as part of the King's mandate, I held a demonstration and discussion concerning the creatures' biology, origin, and possible weaknesses. Finding my official documentation to have little pull in the almost nonexistent bureaucracy, I opened the symposium to any interested dwarves, hoping that those with knowledge would also have a sense of responsibility and decide to attend.

The results were less than desirable. Along with two small children, a couple of craftsdwarves two soldiers and a former overseer answered my call. The former Overseer, Jazzimus, seemed preoccupied with his abacus and winced everytime he looked up from the instrument. Of the too soldiers, Alius had little experience with the creatures and Sirocco merely grinned unnervingly. Determined, I began with a dissection of one of the more intact creatures kept preserved by the extreme cold. a description of my observations is filed with my notes. Afterward, I related my story of Bustmoistened's transformation and the death of Urist Shieldbiter. At mention of Bustmoistened's odd behavior leading to his possession, the more veteran dwarves exchanged nervous glances at Alius and Sirocco. I passed around the strange stone knife pendant Urist gave me but none had heard of the Knights of Nemo. Before ending the discussion, I asked each dwarf of the creatures' behavior during the seiges. The testaments confirmed my theories about the creatures having leaders and organization. I hope to eventually interview dwarves with more firsthand experience or perhaps even studying a captured specimen.

Topmost: Alius
second from top: Globofglob, Weskerdorf
middle row: TheWhiteCrane, Sirocco, Corpse, Koorish, Jazzimus, Chance II
bottom: Markus_cz, Leperfish

markus_cz wrote :-

Here's my take on dwarf kids, heavily inspired by Chance II's epic drawing:

(myself and Leperfish)

I should probably stop procrastinating now