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Part 70: Sirocco: Update 5

Sirocco's Year: Part Five

The last of Spring has passed without much happening... But my gazebo is nearly finished. I do hope I get to complete it before autumn!

Progress on the nobles' rooms is moving swiftly and I even managed to build the ten chests Queen Sankis wanted. For what I have no idea... I asked her what she'd put in them and she just looked at me blankly. Oh well. Dash Magnum threw another temper tantrum recently saying no one appreciated him which is nonsense of course. That said, I have been a little too busy to give the giant mole project much attention. I've seen Eiba glowering at me when he's not demanding I give him a better cabinet, "something with a mole on it".

Oh! Now I come to think of it, one interesting event that occured towards the end of Spring was when one of our craftsdwarves, Bobatron, suddenly started speaking in tongues and having a fit in the main lobby.

'I UNDERSTAND NOW!' he would scream. 'IT'S ALL SO SIMPLE!' He then ran to a nearby clothier's workshop, picked up Koorisch by the scruff of his neck, and threw him down the stairs.

He wouldn't let anyone in, but when he did he came out wearing the most FABULOUS rope reed dress you ever did see.

We all congratulated him and told him the likeness of our queen was quite amazing, but including a picture of Alius' aluminium crossbow seemed a little derivative.

And so ended the spring of 145. Then along came shiny Mr Summer! And with him - humans!

Our craft piles are fit to bursting with earrings and bracelets and crowns and flutes... time to offload some of that on to the merchants! I sometimes wonder what it is they do with all these things we give them... I mean, I like a totem just as much as the next dwarf, but would I trade it for the last of my wood on a frozen glacier?

Maybe if they were nice, ha ha ha!

They had a lot to offer, but nothing we couldn't make in abundance - except for certain metals and wood which we traded for a few trinkets - I also gave them a bunch of stuff in hopes of currying favour with their superiors back home (in humanland, I don't know). Maybe they'd come back with a window for Bobthethurd at last, but the merchant just gave me a quizzical look.

Suddenly I heard a scream from deep within the fortress and a voice shouting out:

'Security breach!'

A bell rang.

There was an enemy in the fortress.

64bitrobot wrote :-

Ack, I stopped reading for a few days and zoom 5 pages appear.

I found it ironic the way the guard was characterized. Though that beating of Dash...

Also, I could have sworn I had my office and dining room as the main jail hall...

---Journal of 64bitrobot, Captain of the Guard---
...You know, I built this jail for a reason. It was to keep good dwarves from dying to our justice system. But it sure seems for naught. Just the other day I had to call FlocksOfMice in for a meeting.

"FlocksOfMice! What the hell do you think you're doing?!" I yelled, outraged.

"What do you mean? Sir..?" Flocks replied, slightly confused.

"That beating of Dash! What the hell was that? We don't beat dwarves when there's a perfectly fine jail cell open!"

"But he destroyed the golden road! He had to be taught a lesson!"

"I don't buy that bullcrap! Did someone tell you to ignore the jail and just beat him?"

"Err...maybe...I mean no!"

I remain unconvinced, however, this conversation wasn't going to progress. And I'd be bored if I didn't have another guard to play gin rummy with. We were thinking of trying other games, but then we'd have no excuses for not letting others into the guard.

"Alright, fine. Go grab the deck of cards, it's almost game time."

I'll have to make sure to pay a vist to Dash soon, see how they're doing.