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Part 73: Sirocco: Update 8

Sirocco's Year: Part Eight

Autumn approaches.

I decided to take Silento at his word and ordered construction of more cages for the giant moles. I'm sure he knows what he's talking about, but then I've never actually seen him around the fortress. There are rumours that he lives in secret tunnels but that sounds silly to me.

The moles on the other hand were in a small cave very deep underground. I don't know how Eiba even knew they were there. A sort of moleboy's seventh sense I guess.

I've seen a few of them up close and they're really quite adorable when they're not trying to bite out your throat. Well, I guess that means they're only cute when asleep but you get my meaning.

The nobles' rooms are very nearly complete and Queen Sankis' is completely finished. I think it's rather fandabadozy.

Modifications have been made to the tower. With the addition of four microcline pillars, many of the dwarves agree that it now looks like a giant hand 'flipping the cave swallow'. It's intended as an insult against the Holistic Spawn though I'm not certain they're capable of appreciating its wit.

Personally, I think it's a bit mean.

Other than that, though, it's been a very quiet summer here at Syrupleaf so I've taken to just walking around the fortress and seeing how everybody is. Wanting a more systematic approach to studying life at Syrupleaf, I set up some interviews with residents.


'Hi, 64bitrobot, how's the guard-'

'I'm not talking to you. You can't play gin rummy with ten people. We've had to organise BRIDGE tournaments.'

He then grabbed me by my collar and shouted 'NO ONE HERE EVEN KNOWS WHAT IT IS!'

Screaming Idiot

'Ah, hi-'

'WHERE ARE THE PUMPS! Are ye plannin' to build any or am I gonna have to build one meself? When I was migratin' I heard there were Armok-damned PUMPS to be operated! I haven't seen anythin' even approachin' a good old-fashioned PUMP!'

'What about Rixaxun in the communal showers?'

We spent the next minute in silence, lost amid thoughtful reverie.

Chance II

'Hey there, Chancy! How's the hammer?'

'I prefer scalpels and bonesaws to the mindless obedience and intellectual jejunity required of a fortress guard.'

'I don't think those are very good weapons, Chance, but I'll see what I can do-'

'Never mind.'



'I don't talk to noble-loving whores.'


'So, Bobby, how's life in the fortress?'

'Do not rely on just my opinion, dear listener, for what I am about to relate could be construed as a bias of my own personal narrative. Life in the fortress is as it has always been with an adventure on every corner, and a zestful energy in the hearts of those who inhabit it. I have had many a fruitful conversation about important matters concerning supplies and trade but also those concerning the more spurious matters of art and the aesthetic. Overall, I believe it has made me a better dwarf.'

'Thanks for coming in today.'


'Idles, tell me, how do you think the others are coping?'

'What? What? Why do you want to know?'

'Well, I'm just curious-'


'It's just for the records-'

'Hah! Records! I know there's a conspiracy going on here! I know what lies in the deep! You can't fool me!'

He then jumped out of the window. Or at least what would be a window if we had any glass.


'Hey Skullybuggy! I really liked your engravings, thanks for helping me get it ready for the queen.'

'It's my job. Take it as you will.'

'I did want to know whether it was wise to draw all those roaches on the floor though. I stepped in there yesterday and I thought there was an infestation for a moment, ha ha ha!'

'I like roaches.'

'Oh, OK... hey, what's with the stories I've heard about you and IceDrake, eh? Eh? Is there a little something going on there? Eh? Eh?'

I winked to show I was being friendly but his expression remained stony.

'That's none of your business, overseer. Can I go now?'


'Markus, my boy-'




'Oh, of course!'


'Wait- aw.'

I haven't mentioned this to anyone else, but I suspect he ate BOTH the lollipops. Don't tell anyone, journal, it's a secret. I don't like to be so suspicious of people!!!



'Nice talking to you.'

DarkHorse wrote :-

From the design journal of DarkHorse Kônudil, Armorer. There are no dates, and pages are scattered randomly. Doodles intersperse the terse messages.

Arrived in SyrupLeaf. Very cold and bland. Drafty.

Having difficulty settling in, been hauling items mostly.

Found a Friend. Skemin Idjit, I think. He gave me a cigar.

Met Overseer Sirocco today. Incredibly adept at playing madman, even I almost believed him. Says I will have to help build a 'gazebo.' I think I will try cigar today.

Has a design of a mole on it. Can't detect bouquet because of cold. It is always cold, and beards only protect so much.

Will not try any more cigars soon.

Tried more cigars. Some plump helmets and quarry bush leaves would be great about now.

Have begun work on new designs. Saw strange things after cigar (and vomiting on Sirocco's gazebo). Must remember what corrupted Holistic Detective, the fools at the armory will use the gods' emissions to their misfortune!

Having difficulty with chain, links, and drawing proportional dwarves.

Chance II wrote :-

Log book 1- Chance II Royal Guard

It seems that my studies have been rendered moot in the face of the vast experience with the foul Spawn the residents of Syrupleaf have since its founding. I have been reassigned to the night watch, once again drawing the least appealing duty shift. Yet this may prove fortuitous, as I have often felt a longing for the days of military service from my youth. Of course it is also quite preferable to walk about armed than not in such a dangerous place. Thankfully, my duties during this lull between sieges provides me with ample time to continue my xenological studies and dabbling taxidermy in my off hours. Indeed I have been approached my a dwarf going by the eccentric nome de guerre of Orange Soda, who wished me to create a suit of clothes for him out of the hides of the Spawn! I of course refused but, my interest piqued, I have become involved in his experiment with musical rocks. Or music-with-rocks-in. It seems that Master Soda has struck up a friendly rivalry with the talented Manuel Calavera over the accoustic qualities of stone versus bone instruments.

OrangeSoda wrote :-

The diary of Orangesoda, "Whatever month the hell it is here", year of THUNDAH!

Witnessing the violent battles across permafrost landscapes and horrific dismemberment of all who oppose us has further inspired my new musical ideas. I will have "rock music" perfected by the year's end. This year should always be known as the year rock music was completed, the year of thunder!

Through experimental tests involving rubber bands set up to play multiple instruments at once, iv'e deducted that this would sound WAY better than just one instrument being played. Iv'e got to get a like-minded group of dwarves together and have them coordinate together to play one song. Going by how I discovered this method, these groups will be known as "rock bands".

Manuel still won't shut the hell up about his bone flutes. For a man he's a total wuss. I mean really, flutes!? I tried to get him to play one of my rock guitars but he said it was too heavy and asked if I could make one out of bone instead.

Sure, it'd look absolutely awesome if I made instruments out of our slain foes, but by armok he should know they just don't sound the same! You need that deep thrumming sound for the effect! The guard has already been called twice on us over shouting matches in the workshops and if I didn't think it'd get me a hammering, i'd smash one of my spare rock guitars into his workshop table. I've also pondered lighting it on fire first too.

Iv'e also got to ask Chance II if I can make one of those spawn corpses into a badass outfit for the show.