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Part 76: Sirocco: Update 11

Sirocco's Year: Part Eleven

Utter chaos, journal! The donkeys were screaming, the horses kicking at their wagons trying to get away, crossbow bolts flying in every direction... utter madness! One of our cage traps had snagged one of the raiders but plenty more were streaming over the bridge! The merchants were heavily armed, but we owed it to them to offer our protection!

It wasn't long before the gatehouse was soaked in the blood of sand raiders.

Alius fired off some shots netting himself two kills before anyone else could even get close. I recall Spermy Smurf in particular was a little upset about this.

In the middle of it all I saw Pimpmust who had somehow wandered out of the gatehouse and had tripped over his own shoes.

'Someone help me!' the lye maker cried.

tehsid and I looked at each other and nodded. Well. I nodded. He rolled his eyes at me. Then we ran for Pimpmust - I swung Patsy into the crowd, removing the head of a raider with one blow. tehsid shoved another into a merchant who quickly dispatched it. Holding one arm each we dragged the weeping dwarf back to the fortress.

'Armok send you to the glowing pits, Sirocco, that one was mine!' Spermy yelled in my face.

'I just came here to make lye!' Pimpmust sobbed, repeating the same seven words over and over. I think he'll be alright.

And as suddenly as it began it was over.

We've captured two raiders in cages altogether though I'm not sure what to do with them. I've put up a suggestion box outside my office to decide their fate - I hope whatever they come up with isn't too cruel! I may be a soldier but I don't really like icky stuff!

After everything calmed down we did a count of the bodies and figured out who had killed what for payment purposes (and the glory, of course).

Alius: two sand raider kills.
Sirocco: one sand raider kill.

Alius was, rather grudgingly I think, bought a round of ale when everyone got back inside. I walked back to the gatehouse though - trading still needs to be done! The merchants may have taken our kills but they still needed our toy boats and bracelets, ha ha ha!

We traded our crafts for all the metal and booze they had and bade them farewell, thanking them for their assistance against the ambush.