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Part 83: Sirocco: Update 18

Sirocco's Year: Part Eighteen

The fifteenth of Moonstone, in the year of our dwarf, 145, is a day I will never forget. I've always been a little gung-ho when it came to battling the Spawn of Holistic but being in charge gives you an entirely different perspective, journal!

I didn't want any more deaths on my conscience, and yet I knew that if I did not fight I would lose them all.

I couldn't let that happen.

As soon as I heard the bells I sprang from my chair. 'Skullbuggy, summon everyone back into the fortress and raise the military. We need to raise the north and south bridges.'

tehsid skidded into the office.


'I know. Let's go.'

We raced to the gatehouse. Already we could hear their fleshy gargles, their earsplitting shrieks... they echoed around the mountain like sirens from hell.

And they were coming for us. I turned Patsy in my hands, admiring her craftsdwarfship. If there was anyone I could rely on to see me through this battle it was her.

And tehsid of course. He's the best!

'How many are there?' I asked as we raced down the golden road.

'Tinny Turtler says there's about sixty-five, possibly more.'



'Shame, sixty-six would have been more thematically appropriate.'

'... What?'

'There's Tinny!'

The marksdwarf hailed our approach.

'Go to the watchtower!' I yelled. 'Shoot them as they pass!'

Tinny nodded and ran off.

The howling is awful. I have never heard it this loud.