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Part 87: Sirocco: Update 22

Sirocco's Year: Part Twenty-Two

Robindaybird was the first to charge into battle with myself and tehsid close behind. I noticed then what we know now - Robin had suffered some minor brain damage during the first assault and wasn't completely in control of his own actions.


'I'll drink to that,' muttered tehsid behind me. 'Attaaaack!'

Robin slashed viciously at the nearest Spawn but it just seemed to bounce off as if it were nothing but foam! tehsid, Oni Elem, and I ran to his aid.

His ineffective weapon only seemed to anger him further. Robin swung his axe and to our amazement sent one of the monsters flying into the side of the mountain like a cannonball.

'I DON'T LIKE TUESDAYS!!!' he said, victoriously.

His vengeance was terrifying. Spawn limbs flew in all directions, blood drenched our armour to the skin, and the thwip thwip thwip noise whistling past our ears was like the music of angels.

Alius had joined the battle and was firing his crossbow with deadly accuracy into the fray disabling the creatures with each shot.

I'm not quite sure what happened next, but apparently I went a little 'into the zone' too. Apparently Robin and I were reciting baking recipes to each other during all the confusion but I simply don't remember any of it. All I remember is the devastation we left in our wake:

Bits of the spawn littered the whole mountainside.

'Wow, guys, I'm pooped,' I said, sitting down. 'Haven't had this much exercise in a while! Kind of invigorating isn't it?'

The others just glared at me and said nothing. Robin threw up off the side of the bridge.

'No time for lollygagging, men,' tehsid said, giving his hammer a practice swing. 'There's three more still on the level below us. Oni, let's go!'

I stretched my back and did a few jumping jacks just to limber up before following. I was about to join the others at the bridge when Syntax! said 'What's that over there?'

'Huh, what is it?' asked Pumpinglemma following the dwarf's pointing finger.

'Oh for FUCK'S SAKE.'

Robindaybird wrote :-

:O I got a dorf who didn't get struck down within...
better not finish that sentence - ah well I'm breaking down

He? He?!

Bloody blind half-wit, just because I can outdrink the whole squad and still sing all the hundred and eight praises of the mountains. But least it's a minor injustice considering that Moleboy's little projects slain that poor mother. Think them moles should be skinned, we need more furs in this weather.

Screaming Idiot seem to have settled down on his intricacies of Pumping - I suspect it's because of the uncertain mood of having the Loonie-boy in charge. Must better then I expected, but still - what in the dark where they thinking?!

Pfeh. Can't complain too much, I did seek adventure, and Syrupleaf's providing more then that to make me a happy gal, though I haven't seen the dreaded Spawn yet. Pray Amok I don't do so until my swing's better. I like a challenge, but not suicide!

Least, not a live Spawn - not all the bits and pieces that Cadaverboy's been cutting up and slicing. I heard the fluteguy's been carving them up to instruments, something in me says that's not a wise thing t'all.

And my family back up north think I'm a strange one! Wait until they get a load of these dorfs!

P.S: Need to learn Screaming Idiot's real name, can't refer to him as that, might accidentally say it to his face. He's not really an idiot, just screaming. I'm learning everyone else's name just fine.