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Part 89: Intermission

Visual Fortress screenshots by Landis

Alright so I'm at page 47 and wanted to post this before I finished, so apologies if someone has done so between now and then. Also, judging by how much DF playing goes on here, I can't believe I'm the first to use this little tool here.

These are taken during the barbarous invasion. I spent a couple minutes looking for Holistic and the others tomb before I remembered they weren't built yet. Also this means the tower isn't in (and any other changes in the past umpteen pages).

Also, I have never played this game, I only just started because of this thread. A great read.

Click here for the full 694x1130 image.

This is the entrance of course. It doesn't show the trade depot as a room.

Click here for the full 694x1130 image.

Here is a shot of the river/caldera/glacier, those starburst-y waterways or brooks or whatever were what I was going for.

Click here for the full 693x641 image.

I never noticed, but I guess an entrance was dug over here(?)

Click here for the full 694x714 image.

Entrance to the golden pathway, street level view.

Click here for the full 694x263 image.

Statues in the gatehouse at the entrance, I guess.

Click here for the full 692x1107 image.

Side entrance to the gatehouse, also the moat.

Click here for the full 692x1129 image.

The golden hallway.

Anyway, it's pretty neat wandering around the fort, there's plenty more to show.

I found it while browsing this on this page. Here is the viewer page itself.

Skullbuggy wrote :-


"... an' that's how I sees it."


"That's how it's gonna end. The moles're gonna get out, and  THEY 're gonna attack us in droves, and everybody's gonna be DEAD, man!"

"Look, just because it came to you in a dream doesn't mean you're a pr-"

"IT'S GONNA HAPPEN! ... Okay? It's gonna."

"... I think we should lay off the cigars, Screaming Idiot."

"You're not smoking them. Who's 'we'? 'We' is me and you are he and we are all to-"

"I'm leaving before I catch the mole fever."


Entry - ???
It's good to be alive, I think.

DarkHorse wrote :-

Design journal of Kônudil, Armorer posted:

Strange dreams and nightmares. I do not think I will be having cigars again soon.


Have we had a premonition? Was some great disaster averted? Or was it a shared vision of the future... or a torment concocted by the demons of the deep? I fear to question too closely.

Found a drawing of an engraving in my journal. It shows Icedrake dead.

I don't care what anyone says, IT WAS REAL


I must work diligently to prepare for the coming slaughter.