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Part 90: Sirocco: Update ???

Sirocco's Year: Part Twenty-Four

Hey, journal... again.

The first few days after the... Event... I wandered the fortress in a daze. Was I dead? Was this the afterlife? Or was this all some kind of fantasy in my brain? Many of the other dwarves have experienced similar dreams recently, as if some cosmic creature had walked over our collective graves. I've tried to talk to them about it but... no one wants to. This kind of supernatural jibber-jabber is a bit undwarfly I admit but... something happened. Something big.

I'm going to spend the rest of this year getting to the bottom of this mystery, journal. There are forces at work here I'm only just beginning to understand. I can't- I WON'T let Syrupleaf fall again... but maybe that's why I'm here? To change the future? I can make things right again!

I can save everyone.

tehsid wrote :-

Well, this is what I get for 24 hours down time...

Awesome work Sirocco, its been great reading your posts, I don't think I've laughed like that for a while. Its a shame you lost the save, but it just means more awesome updates.

"Sirocco, may I have a word?"

"Sure tehsid! Whats up?" Sirocco turned to me, his hands firmly grasped onto Patsy.

"Well, I've been thinking. These last few years have been hard on all.."
Sirocco nodded along, and placed Patsy down carefully beside his chair.
"... and I just..."

"...wanted to say you love me?" Sirocco interrupted. "Just kidding, ha ha ha!"

"... yeeahhh, no. Well anyway. I just wanted to apologize for the way I've treated you of late. I know you've just been trying to help."
"I had a dream last night. It scared me. THEY came again, it was madness. We lost more dwarfs. They kept coming...
...We need to work together - all of us."

Sirocco's eyes fixed on mine. "YOU TOO?! You had the dream?"

"I did. I woke before I could see the end, but with the pain I felt in my heart this morn, I fear that it wouldn't have ended well." I could feel that same feeling again. I tried to suppress it.

"I've heard from a few dwarfs today, that they had the same dream. Weird huh!" He looked puzzled, but still held that ever present, simple smile.

"Look, that's all I wanted to say. Thanks for your time, my friend. Good luck with overseeing this year, lets hope we can live at peace for a while." I got up to leave...

"Tehsid..." Sirocco turned to me.

"Lets start a dream club!"

OutOfPrint wrote :-

Damn, that was turning out so well, too! Well, maybe not "well" in the "fort's doin' fine" sense, but incredibly entertaining. I have to say, though, as much as wanted to see how the massive  THEM  siege would have turned out, I'm happy my dorf is alive again.

From the journal of OutOfPrint, Furnace Operator

Last night, I died in a dream.

I was drawn to a cavern deep within the bowels of Syrupleaf by a faint chittering sound. The solid rock walls gave way to bars, and the chittering turned to indwarven screams. There was a flurry of movement in the darkness in front of me, which turned into a forward rush so violent the resulting wind blew me off my feet. I could hear the unmistakable sound of dwarven mechanisms, and the heavy "CLANG!" of traps being sprung. Cages rocketed from the floor, the ceiling, the walls, trapping the shadows bearing down upon me. I tried to stand, I tried to run to the stairs, but I was frozen in place by the specters' hypnotic screaming. Cages sprang closer and closer to me; they were getting closer! A cage to my left, a cage to my right, the screaming blocking all sound, all thought, the feeling of enormous pressure, the feeling of my guts tearing...!

I awoke drenched in sweat, gagging on something that, in my dream haunted state, I swear tasted like blood.

Val Helmethead wrote :-

The Journal of Val Helmethead - Final Entry

I swear, this has to be one of the best places for crafting. Plenty of booze, a nice warm fire by the craftsdwarf workshops, the best plump helmet feasts I've ever eaten, and all the bones, skulls, mole dog leather, and other assorted crafts I'll ever need!

Plus, there's this fine lass named IceDrake that's the perfect example of what the rugged individualism of this place will do to a dwarvenwomanly figure. From what I hear, she's become quite enamored with the "Moleboy" mining operations, whatever on the Momentus Universe those are, so that's the perfect place to confess my love to her! I've crafted her a totem of sand raider skull I'm sure will show here of my affection! Her kids are a bit odd though, but nothing the warm and guiding hand of a new father can't fix.

Well, with luck I'll be writing about a night spent with my new dwarfwife! Huzzah! Now, on toward the latest "moleboy" pit to confess my eternal love. Should I compare it to Dolomite or Feldspar? I'm no good with poetry. No matter, I'm off!

Screaming Idiot wrote :-

"FUCK YEAH," Screaming Idiot yelled at the top of his lungs, a mole-dung cigar in one grimy hand and an oversized mug of ale in the other, "MOLES! PUMPS! YEAH!" He burped loudly and took a puff of his cigar before turning to notice Robindaybird nearby.

"Oi! Yer tha lad--or lass, can't seem ta tell these days--that I was a-tellin' 'bout our glorious, glorious pumps, eh?" Nay, donnae answer, I can recognize a face!

"Look, yeh ever needta know more, just come ta ol' Screamin' Idiot! 'Course me real name's Skeramin Ijot, but who tha hell remembers that, right?" He puffed some more on his cigar before tossing it into a mole pen. "As fer right now, I be headin' fer a rest! I need plenty o' sleep afore them pumps can be properly opermatriculated, yeh see! Ha!"