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Part 91: Sirocco: Update snuh

Sirocco's Year: Part Twenty-Five

My first priorities of course are to complete the gazebo, build the concert hall, and block all the egresses Eiba dotted around the mountain.

This time I'll add a green room.

My next agenda on the list involved dealing with a small sand raider incursion...

I took tehsid and Male Man with me to take them out before they could sweep through the fortress.

It didn't take long. tehsid came up to me afterwards as I was polishing my hammer.

'How... how did you know they were there?!'

'Just a hunch,' I said, not looking up.

'No... no you knew they were there somehow. On THIS side of the mountain at THIS time. You've... you've changed somehow, Sirocco. Tell me what's going on.'

I got up from the rock I'd been sitting on and swung my hammer into its strap.

'It's destiny,' I said, and walked away.

'I don't believe in destiny!'

'Yes you do,' I said turning round. 'You just don't know it yet.'



'You just pulled that out your arse didn't you?'

'It'll make more sense after you've seen the next two seasons.'

I walked back to the gatehouse, leaving tehsid to scratch his head in puzzlement.