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Part 93: Sirocco: Update 27

Sirocco's Year: Part Twenty-Seven

It's been an... interesting autumn so far, journal. I've managed to complete many of the projects I had set out. The others don't understand how I seem to know so many of the technical details of the construction but... how could they know? How could I even begin to explain? The only dwarf that took me seriously is only just now recovering from a three-week coma and babbles incoherently about demons and the 'end of days'.

But at least my gazebo is complete! And even better than before, ha ha ha!

The concert hall has also been fully smoothed and decorated. If we do all die come the winter then at least I can go out knowing I heard some of this 'music with rocks in' that OrangeSoda's so excited about. It's all just noise to me, to be honest. I think I prefer the older stuff!

Three weeks ago, during the middle of the night I heard a rustling outside my bedroom. I've been standing by the door every single night since the original message waiting for this mysterious person to reappear. Immediately I swung the door open and out of the corner of my eye I saw a shadow running down the corridor.

I gave chase.

'Come back, you coward!' I yelled at the fleeing shape. Whoever it was, they were FAST. After a few corners I gave up, they were nowhere to be seen. Wheezing for breath I sat down and let the cold cavern air in and out of my lungs. That was when I saw it... or more properly, them. Whoever this person was, he had made a big mistake and dropped something! I picked the two items up and peered at them curiously.

Here is a quick sketch of the first object from memory.

I'm sure the number was something else but... it'll just have to do.

Para... sol... the word sounds familiar but its meaning escapes me. It was made of bone, and had the harsh texture and weight of... Spawn of Holistic? Could it be?! Was there some connection between what happened and the Spawn? Who's leaving me these messages? Confused, I flung the thing down the corridor in disgust. I did look for it later but I think someone must have stepped on it.

The second object I keep with me at all times. It is far too complicated for me to draw so I'll just have to attempt to describe it - it's some sort of mechanism as far as I can tell, all cogs and wheels embedded in a silver cylinder - but it is of a complexity beyond anything I have ever seen.

... And it GLOWS.

I don't like to look at it. It's... unnatural. But once again I'm at square one! No clues, no leads...

And winter grows ever closer.

Then the unthinkable happened: