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Part 96: Sirocco: Update 30

Sirocco's Year: Part Thirty

When I returned, the rest of the military was still standing around in the gatehouse. I must have looked like a wreck, journal, ha ha ha! There was blood all over my face, my nose was squinted, and I was hobbling a bit.

'What the hell happened to you?!' asked tehsid, looking me up and down.

'Uh... tripped.'

'Must have been a nasty fall,' said That Guy Bob. Even to this day I can't look him in the eyes. When you've seen someone be catapulted into a brick wall and then flattened by a drawbridge, well... it stays with you, let's leave it at that.

'Yeah. It was,' I replied. I pulled a hammer out of a weapon rack (it's OK, journal, I found Patsy later - sticking out of a mammoth's skull near the base of the mountain! I knew it wasn't a bad idea to sharpen it!) and joined my fellow soldiers at the bridge.

The howls of the Spawn of Holistic were getting louder... but this time? I was ready.