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Part 1: Intro and Act 1

Intro (Baldurdash | Youtube | | Download)

Act 1 (Baldurdash | Youtube | | Download)

I’m probably going to write a little something for each stage whenever I update, but there’s very little to say about this one.

1-1 The Getaway: First act kicks off with an autoscrolling level, which is sort of weird. There aren’t many autoscrollers in the game and the game doesn’t really explain its mechanics properly at this point. It’s not a bad level per se, and it’s a short one at that, so there’s not much to say. I feel it’s more of an extension of the opening cutscene than anything else. The secret bonus point is intuitive and you’d be struggling not to find it. That won’t be the case for all of them, you can count on that.

The level boss is Trouble Cat Bruin, and we’ll be seeing him in the future. This fight is as easy as they come. Even if you get hit all the time it’s difficult to die. Not depicted in the video: you can get behind him and he still runs off in the same direction. Not exactly smart.

Also the level song is totally a rip-off of Norwegian wood.