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Part 3: Act 3

Act 3 (Baldurdash | Youtube | | Download)

Act 3

This level is essentially a boss gauntlet, with platforming only in the first chapter.

3-1: Down under: Lava is usually a pain in the ass in most games, but not so much here since you can't die from falling in it. The teeter-totter platform is a nice enough idea, but old games really don't handle the whole depth perception thing that well. Because of that, it can be difficult to hit enemies and the flying knights are especially annoying. I make it look pretty easy in the video, but usually I suck at them. The secret bonus point is fun; the ball turns into that smiley-thing once you pass the machine, so there's a good chance you'll see it, but it's not a given. This is essentially what I think is a good secret. No necessary waiting around and no bullshit, just a subtle change that you either notice or you don't. Trouble Bruin peeking in from backstage is great, especially as it foreshadows the next chapter. And giving the Knight enemies a flashlight is pretty cute, I guess.

3-2: Backstage battle: Headdy's second encounter with Trouble Bruin and his Rocket grappler isn't exactly a tough one. If you want to beat him quickly, grab a Warhead off Headcase and let it do the work. Since it will fire in all directions, you're guaranteed to get in a lot of hits really fast without having to deal with precision when he spins you around. This is one of the few fights where Protector Head can actually be of some use, but it's a gamble, there's no guarantee it will ever hit him. It's still better than nothing, of course. The secret bonus point isn't too bad, but if you miss the weird green puppet, then you have to kill yourself and try again. And like I said in the video, with all the stuff on screen, it can easily go unnoticed, which is why Vacuum Head is so helpful. Other than that, not much to say. I think I talked enough about Trouble Bruin in the video, anyway.

3-3: The Green Room: Aside from a chance to play basketball or replenish your health, it's straight to another boss fight. I love the introduction, the ominous music coupled with the emerging dark figure is pretty creepy. The fight itself isn't too bad. Best strategy is to hit keep hitting both of them and making sure you get the Puppeteer first if you want the SBP. I'm not a huge fan of secrets that you simply can't find out on your first try without luck, but this is far from worst in the game and you're guaranteed to find it at some point. Not depicted in the video: Gentleman Jim throwing his cane like a boomerang.

3-4: Clothes Encounters: This is the stuff, our second Keymaster and entirely different from Mad Dog. Goes to show they didn't copy-paste anything, all boss fights are completely different and unique. And with one exception, they each have their own music. I can't think of many games that have done that. Anyway, the whole thing with the clothes is great and s/he has a different pattern with each costume. Headcase will usually have a good arsenal, but he also carries Melon Head, which you definitely don't want to pick up in this fight. In Mad Dog, you could hide away in the corner, but Wooden Dresser will murder you if you accidentally pick it up. The SBP is Bino - as in all boss fights - but the costume idea is clever. Once again though, its appearence depends on luck so it can appear quickly or take a good while.

No new heads / characters this update.