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Part 4: Act 4

Act 4 (Baldurdash | | Youtube | Download)

Act 4
First act to feel somewhat rushed. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a cool level with awesome music and lots of details but some areas are just pointless. And the SBP’s can go fuck themselves.

4-1: Terminate Her Too – Probably the best section in the act. I like the transition between the two different areas and Mons Meg is a neat miniboss. Lots of new mechanics that we’re never gonna see again, the Happy Campers (Pac men look-alikes) and the odd statue for example. I like the fact they made all these mechanics in the game and then just used each of them for one act only. Ensures that they never wear out and you won’t miss them, since there’s always something new and cool. Just keeps the game fresh.

The first SBP is just dumb. No one would ever try to hit that orb or whatever it is 30 times unless they hated themselves. Up until this point most bonus points have been cool, but Act 4 just completely ruins the concept. The second one with the Tank I made look a lot more difficult than it is, all you need to do is get the cannon ball up to the spikes and hit it while it’s there. I don’t know why I did what I did. Stupidity, possibly. But once again, how would you guess you’re supposed to hit them? Most likely you’ll find this by complete accident.

Regarding Bomb Head, I say in the video that it destroys all enemies on screen, which you can see in practice area in Act 2 when you fight the toy soldiers. But besides that, I don't think it ever appears in an area with normal enemies, just boss fights. And while it does take a huge chunk of health off, it usually isn't worth the effort.

4-2/3: Mad Mechs 1 & 2 – These two go together thematically. Nice touch with the hammer blocks, rotating platforms and alternate paths… but why is there a Spike Head here in the first section? I suppose you could climb back up, but there is little point. And Empty Head in the end, where you absolutely need Slammer Head to proceed? Why is it even there? For backtracking purposes? You could destroy the obstacles with Slammer Head anyway, so probably not. Someone fell asleep here.

As for the SBP’s, holy crap what were they on when they came up with those? Destroy all hammer blocks I’m gonna let go, but that fan thing is super annoying. No way you’d ever find that unless you tried everything. Not to mention it’s in essence the same thing as the very first SBP in this act. And there’s TWO OF THEM? When I started this LP I took it upon myself not to rant too often, especially since I love this game to bits, but I can’t get over how stupid this is.

4-4:Heathernapped - Move along, nothing to see here.

New heads this update:

Empty Head

Bomb Head