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Part 7: Act 7

Act 7 (Baldurdash | | Youtube | Download)

7-1: Headdy Wonderland - I always liked how mellow the start to the act is. You jump into this picturesque countryside after one of the most hectic levels in the game. The music fits the mood perfectly too: it's peaceful and nothing threatens you. Everything is nice and serene...

... that is, until the boss appears after the first minute, and an entirely new kind of boss at that. You can't deal any damage with your head so you have to rely on Heather to do the work. Of course you have to help a bit. The fight can drag on if Heather decides to jump at the wrong moment, but it's one of the easiest battles in the entire game, so you shouldn't have any problems. Also I love Heather's expression if she drops a key, she looks absolutely terrified.

The mystery behind the keys is also finally revealed: they open the path to Dark Demon's castle. The act was called Paradise? [sic] in the Japanese version, and the fight is preceded by a short dialogue between Yayoi (Japanese version of the Gatekeeper) and Heather. Yayoi tells you the castle isn't here. Heather then appears and calls Yayoi a bit fat liar, which leads to the fight sequence. Once the fight ends, the fraudulent Paradise falls to pieces and reveals the castle. It still doesn't properly explain how the whole key thing works, but then again, who cares? It's a platformer.

Nasty Gatekeeper is where things get tough. Dodging his quick attack is not easy and you'll probably spend a few lives here before you get the timing down. Not to mention you can always accidentally pick up Melon Head, which is suicide. I covered the best strategies in the video, but basically Bomb Head is the way to go. It doesn't always instantly kill the boss, but usually two bombs is enough to do the trick.

And goddamn that boss music is one rockin' tune. I love it.

The SBPs in this act are great, they're not hard to find but still missable if you simply walk past everything without paying attention. Getting Bino to appear can sometimes take a while too, but you probably know to expect it at this point.

Lastly, I don't know what hangover possessed me to make that godawful opening scene to the let's discuss segment. It seemed like a good idea at the time but looking back... I really don't know what was going through my head.