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Part 10: Bonus Act + Stuff

Dynamite Headdy - Bonus Act + Stuff (Baldurdash | | Youtube | Download)

Well, this video didn't turn out the way I wanted it to. Had loads of audio issues which is why the commentary may sound a bit odd at times since I had to rerecord portions of it in post. That and I really struggled with commentary for this one. I would've redone it all, but all the time contraints would've meant it would've been pushed back to June. Oh well, excuses schmexcuses. Hope you like it more than I do.

Master System Port - I never intended to play this game further than the first few stages, but now that I've beaten it, I can totally say it's a piece of crap that doesn't need to exist. You can hear my frustration in the video and I don't want to waste any more breath on this abomination.

Extra Scene - A skyscraper office, a greedy capitalist CEO and lots of money that kills you in 3 hits. The first phase is surprisingly hard, even if the money moves in a discernible pattern but it's still hard to avoid for some reason, whereas the second phase is piss-easy. As mentioned, there's a short introduction in the Japanese version about how they're gonna make a ton of money out of Headdy. I suppose that's how the Master System port was born.

So is it worth going through the basketball game for this? No, it isn't. I must say it's a bit depressing to end this LP like this, but I hope it conveys the disappointment if you actually go through the stupid minigame.


That's all folks.