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E.V.O.: Search For Eden

by Yapping Eevee, Leavemywife

Part 1: Episode 01: Under Da Sea

Episode 01: Under Da Sea


The first boss has 75HP, so you have to hit him 15 times without being hit 5 times. There's enough little items lying around to take one extra hit, but good luck grabbing them all without taking one!

Oh, and something I was told after recording: The Swordfish Horn is an exception to the three uses rule. It doesn't break, but it locks you into using the mid-tier jaws.

shalcar posted:

I think the Strolites in the game are a reference to Stromatolites which are a type of rock colony created by cyanobacteria in shallow waters. They are still around today in fact and one of the best places to see them is in a place called Shark Bay in Western Australia. It's weird to think of living rocks, but that's basically what they are.

e: have a picture!

Alpha3KV posted:

A couple notes about that first transformation crystal: It actually changes you into one of two forms, the other being a very fast eel with 100 HP. Also, the ray form is affected by your size when you swallow the crystal. The large ray also has 100 HP. IIRC, only one other crystal form has a size difference.

Evolution Chart

New Music

01. The Origin Of Gaia

The attract mode tune. It's most of the story we're gonna get.

02. Earth’s Overture

The title screen music! You can definitely tell who made it, can't ya?

03. Mother Earth

Gaia's theme, of course. We'll start each chapter with this.

04. Beginning of an Era

The fanfare for... well, you can guess.

05. Ever-Changing World

Our map screen music. You won't get to hear much of it during the videos, so enjoy it here.

06. Birthplace of All Life

A good track for our early stages.

07. Undersea Maze

Mysteriously mazy.

08. Tension

Danger music! Expect to hear this a few times...

09. Intrigue

The sting for boss monologues.

10. Masters of Land, Sea, and Sky

Boss music! Very Dragon Quest-ish indeed.

11. Treasure

The "You beat a boss" fanfare. Eat the meat!

12. Great Achievement

This is the game's happy music, of course.

13. New Destinations

One of the stage themes we'll be hearing throughout the ages.

14. Time Transporter

The doorway to a new age.

15. Evolution

This game's "shitty trumpets".

16. Advice

When the crystal speaks.

22. Game Over

Yep, we've already heard this. Hopefully we won't hear it again.