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Part 3: Episode 03: The Age of Grinding

Episode 03: The Age of Grinding


Turns out there's some logic behind Prime Frog. Thanks, LizWiz.

Leavemywife says that you guys notice things, so see if you can find a discrepancy with my EVO points this chapter. (DoubleNegative already knows what it is.)

Also, a minor technical hiccup made me learn how to do simple subtitles.

While I remember, here's that maze map.

Feinne posted:

The things that look like nautili are ammonites. I'm pretty sure the things in the stage before the tyrannosaurs are supposed to be allosaurs or something?

Pretty sure the 'Nautilon body' is supposed to be a turtle shell evoking the Archelon, a giant sea turtle contemporary with the dinosaurs.

LupusAter posted:

Allosaurus means "other lizard" when translated, while Omosaurus means "same lizard". Could be a pun.

Evolution Chart

The jaws below Tyrasaurus all give +3 Agility (and apparently no jump bonus according to this guy, despite what this chart says), but the strongest is +7 to biting... compared to the Tyrasaurus' +19.

Oh, and the Nautilon's body is a -5 to agility, perfectly countered by the dinosaur's best dorsal fin and tail.

Speaking of agility... The bird has a set agility while walking. Evolution only affects their flight speed.

New Music

24. Door to Dina Continent

The first instance of this chapter’s leit-motif. Both of the following songs are more of the same.

25. Dinosaur Domain

All the grinding cut from this update sours me on this trumpeting tune.

26. Scaling Mt. Brave

Crank up the tempo, let’s go, climb climb climb

27. Peaceful Space

A lovely piece, perfect for its environment. Very mellow.

28. Extinction


30. A Glimpse into the Future

The tune for any non-standard endings.