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Part 5: Episode 05: Rambling Around

Episode 05: Rambling Around


It’s actually not the first lake stage that has the nasty glitch, but the third.

Also, that's the closest banner image I could get to being appropriate without using up the one for the final update.

Aerdan posted:

"Domain of Eohip" actually refers to Eohippus, a genus of extinct ancestors to the modern horse.

Fish Noise posted:

That might be less Dodo and more Terror Bird.

Also, less Terror Bird and more Gastornis (note the obsolete genus name for the North American species).

But, you know, why would I take the direct route to Gastornis when the detour involves Terror Bird?

Also Jesus Christ they were crying at the sky wtf game.

Clitch posted:

'Chu' is the Japanese onomatopoeia for a kiss. The mermaid's attack is kissing.

New Music

31. Forest Ambience

I have to agree with Leave; it’s a very Secret of Evermore-ish track.