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Part 6: Episode 06: Only the Strong Survive

Episode 06: Only the Strong Survive


This video contains guest commentator DoubleNegative. Thanks for helping out!

Turns out the message for breaking your horn is “The horn couldn’t withstand the power and broke.”

I’m mistaken about the dino-people. They actually give a decent amount of healing, though they still aren’t worth killing… especially since they will fall through elevators if knocked toward them.

Turns out that eating the timid Ikustega will actually cost you 6 health. Most of the actual enemies in the final fight have about 300HP.

Y-Hat posted:

Oh, and Bolbox isn't a giant amoeba, it's a giant cell. It's got all the cell parts inside of it. Funny how the final enemy is the simplest part of life.

MaskedHuzzah posted:

Also, Bolbox might be a reference to

New Music

32. The Dino People

Here’s hoping their evolution works out.

33. Bolbox ~ Unnatural Threat

It’s good music, but I have to agree that you’re probably gonna hear it enough for it to become grating.

34. Fated Arrival at Eden


35. Staff Roll

It’s closing time; you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here~

And finally, we have a pair of extra songs that didn’t make it into the end product.

36. Unused Song 01

37. Unused Song 02